Maxine Waters Seems to Forget What She is Talking About During Interview, Again

Maxine Waters is back at it again this week with her epic comments on Trump and demonstrated lack of mental coherence. Waters who has been in public office for decades, is miraculously seen by many in the Democratic party as a new champion for the party, despite countless media slip-ups.

National Security

Ann Coulter is Yet Another Victim in the War on Free Speech

"In an America where the Democrat and liberal constituency has drifted so far to the left that politicians and liberal media have no choice but to swim with the tide and ignore their own glaring flaws, they’ve doused themselves in gasoline and struck a match politically."

Military and Police

BREAKING: Two More U.S. Service Members Killed in Nangarhar Province, Afghanistan

According to the Department of Defense, two Americans were killed in action while conducting a raid with their Afghan partner force in the Achin District of Nangarhar Province, Afghanistan. The combat operation was directed at ISIS-K, the Islamic State affiliate operation in Afghanistan. In addition to the two fatalities, another U.S. service member was wounded during the same raid.

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