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Democrats Set to Roll Out New Platform That Eschews Identity Politics, Hones Economic Message

Even as a tepid “Democrat”, or more accurately- an individual who doesn’t view the government as inherently evil, I have to admit that the current iteration Democratic Party doesn’t do much for me. In the 2016 Presidential elections, Hillary Clinton’s entire campaign seemed to be “I am not Donald Trump.” That didn’t get me, along with millions of other would-be Democratic voters, to the polls. Now, it appears Democrats are ready to change things up. Next Monday, Congressional Democrats will apparently unveil an economic-focused message that aims to generate support among main street Americans.

National Security

Levant Lessons Learned (Or Not)

“I now have responsibility”, said President Trump on April 5th, referring to the war in Syria. Really? In the first decade of the nineteenth century, President Thomas Jefferson sent the U.S. Navy to the Mediterranean to put the Barbary Coast pirates out of the business of extorting money from commercial shipping. That was the last U.S. military initiative in the region which did not end in a muddle. Three years ago, T. Boone Pickens observed, “Over the last decade alone we spent more than $4 trillion and lost thousands of American men and women on military missions to protect Middle East oil.

Military and Police

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