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Why $100M Donation Secured By Ivanka Trump Is Different From Clinton Foundation Donations

Ivanka Trump recently helped secure a $100 million dollar donation to a fund that will be used to promote women’s rights around the world. The funding came from two questionable sources, the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia, both of which have poor track records concerning women’s rights. Immediately, critics blasted the Trump family and Donald Trump in particular, noting that POTUS had previously slammed the Clinton Foundation for accepting donations from Saudi Arabia and other nations. There’s one little problem: the two situations are not even remotely similar.

National Security

The United Nations Panel in Charge of North Korean Sanctions Has Been Hacked

IT and security experts at the UN are investigating a "sustained" cyber-attack by unknown hackers with "very detailed insight" into the work of the group responsible for monitoring violations of sanctions on North Korea. This was reported in an email warning seen by Reuters on Monday.

Military and Police

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