Ivanka Trump Meets With Lawmakers To Discuss Paid Family Leave

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Ivanka Trump continues to draw praise from moderates over her initiatives…

First daughter Ivanka Trump met with lawmakers on Capitol Hill to discuss child tax credits and paid family leave. She was greeted by Sen. Marco Rubio, who organized the meeting and invited colleagues to participate, including Sen. Deb Fischer, who introduced a bill earlier this year that focuses on tax credits for companies that offer paid family leave.

Ivanka Trump is an advocate for paid family leave and has been given credit for pushing her father, President Donald Trump, to make paid family leave a priority. She has made several appearances highlighting the high childcare costs in the United States. A mother of three herself, Trump has remained vocal about the need for paid family leave. She has also pointed out that Trump employees already receive eight weeks of paid family leave. The United States is the only industrialized country that does not offer guaranteed paid family leave for new parents.

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