These 28 Celebrities Support President Trump Despite Their Peers’ Divisive Rhetoric

Sure, the majority who speak out from Hollywood and the music industry, and even athletics remain opposed to President Trump, but not all celebrities have as much hate in them as Rosie O’Donnell.  In fact, as the election season has come and gone, President Trump has begun to sway the hearts and minds of many, despite what the mainstream media will tell you.  Here are 28 celebrities that have bucked the trend and either voted for Trump or are now giving him a chance.  You will be surprised with the ones at the end.

Tom Brady: It is only fitting that we start off with the on-field leader for the most successful and vilified team in the NFL.  New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady just secured his fifth Super Bowl ring, cementing him (most would say) as the best QB of all time.  Struggling to create drama this year around the highly-decorated football franchise, several media outlets turned their attention to the fact that Brady supported public-enemy number one, President Trump.

Jon Voight: Jon Voight has long been in the minority in Hollywood for his conservative beliefs.  That didn’t change this time around, either. The American movie star and father of Angelina Jolie star stands by the President.

Willie Robertson: Since becoming a star on A&E’s Duck Dynasty, Willie Robertson and his family have used their platform to champion Christianity and conservative values to audiences across the country.  Robertson was among the first celebs to back Trump during the election season.

Hulk Hogan: Whatcha gonna do, brother?!…if I find out that you didn’t vote for Trump? I don’t want to find out! Wrestling legend Hulk Hogan at one point went as far as saying of then-candidate Trump, “I want to be his running mate.”  While it is probably for the best that didn’t happen, Hogan has remained a supporter of the President.

Robert Davi: You don’t want to mess with Robert Davi.  He is an actor, but his roles and his real-life stare demonstrate as much.  Sure, The Goonies got away from him, but his sense of political reality did not.  Davi supported Trump.

Kid Rock:  “I’m a cowboy baby…” Detroit’s finest, Kid Rock, not only endorsed President Trump; he created patriotic pro-Trump apparel.

Gene Simmons: Sticking with musicians, Gene Simmons, the bass guitarist and co-lead singer for legendary rock band KISS, weighed in during the election and gave the Donald his support.

Kendra Wilkinson:  Despite disagreeing on certain issues, the former Playboy Bunny turned television star threw in her support for President Trump.

Bruce Willis:  While no specific reports have documented Willis’ voting in the 2016 election, the action star donned a ‘Make America Great Again’ hat during a stop on The Tonight Show.  Willis has swum upstream in Hollywood as a known conservative for years.

Jack Nicklaus:  He may be retired from professional golf, but everyone loves and respects Jack Nicklaus. His support for Trump gave the President golf’s biggest name.

Piers Morgan:  Though his politics haven’t always been seen as favorable with Republicans, Piers Morgan has come to the defense of now-President Trump on a number occasions. His most recent spat involved defending the White House’s temporary ban to several extreme-left individuals on Real Time with Bill Maher.

Lou Holtz: Legendary college football coach and ESPN analyst Lou Holtz departed from the prevailing stance of the left-leaning sports platform and supported President Trump.

Ted Nugent: The singer of “Cat Scratch Fever,” “Stranglehold” and dozens of other classics apparently got the Trump fever and threw his support behind the POTUS.

Mike Ditka:  Legendary NFL player, Super Bowl-winning coach and current football analyst Mike Ditka knows a champion when he sees one.  Ditka supported Trump prior to the election and has been a proponent of his since, even slamming reporters for their questions to Tom Brady related to Trump.

Mike Tyson:  All kidding aside, for all the ranting and ridiculing that has surrounded the election of President Trump, do not make any anti-Trump statements to this guy.  Legendary boxer Mike Tyson lent his support to Trump, making him one of the very few prominent African-American celebrities to support the controversial candidate.

Curt Schilling:  Legendary pitcher Curt Schilling saw the championship material in President Trump and ‘threw’ his support behind the Republicans’ standard-bearer.

Kenny Rogers: Forget all the talk about people leaving the United States if one candidate or another won. If you don’t like this country legend and American treasure, we are going to have to ask you to pack your bags.  If you aren’t a country fan, that’s fine, but you might at least like that Rogers was a strong supporter of Trump.

Lou Ferrigno: Most tend not to think of Lou Ferrigno as red or blue, but rather green from his days as The Hulk.  During the 2016 presidential election, however, the on-screen star definitely turned red in support for now-President Trump. Word of caution:  If you disagree with his politics…just smile and say “yes, sir.”

John Ratzenberger: Better known as Cliff by many from his days on the sitcom giant Cheers, John Ratzenberger much preferred a country where everyone knew his name.  He placed his support with Trump prior to the election and has remained steadfast in his support.

Paul O’Neil: Former New York Yankees superstar and World Series Champion Paul O’Neil frustrated many when he placed his support behind Donald Trump… or was it just because he was a Yankee?  We support you either way, Paul.

Jean-Claude Van Damme:  In an interview last October, the action star and bonafide bad-ass Van Damme said, “Right now we need Donald Trump.” The Belgian born star has been an avid supporter since.

Herschel Walker: This former star NFL running back placed his support behind Trump earlier on, and even reportedly lobbied for a position with our now-President.  Let’s hope his support and President Trump’s time in office have similar results to Walker’s trade, which stacked the Dallas Cowboys and decimated the Minnesota Vikings for years.

Kanye West: Though Kanye West did not vote for President Trump, he has been seen meeting with Trump since the election and is believed to be a passive supporter.  While many will appreciate his support, this rapper that people love to hate might just get another dose of anger, this time from his colleagues in Los Angeles.

Dennis Rodman: Former NBA star Dennis Rodman lent his support to Trump months before the presidential election.  While Rodman is not necessarily the endorsement that every presidential candidate battles for, his support of Trump still shocked many.

Stacey Dash: The Clueless star and known conservative has defended President Trump time and time again.  While memes across the internet used her role in Clueless to mock her support of Trump, Dash stood by her candidate, and it was clear that she knows her politics.

Azealia Banks: This singer bucked the angered views of her peers and supported Trump early in the election process.  She has continued to voice her optimism for President Trump since he stepped into the Oval Office.

Jeff Bridges:  This superstar actor joins the growing number of individuals among the Hollywood elite that have come around and respectfully called for giving President Trump a chance. While this is not a commercial lending his unwavering support to the President, its about as close as you can get to an endorsement from Hollywood.  We are marking it down as a win for Trump.

Matthew McConaughey: Alright, alright, alright…no, he did not initially support Trump, either. Like Bridges and several others, however, McConaughey, who always has a cool and collected message for the masses, tried to calm the chaos surrounding President Trump by calling for support and giving the newly minted President a chance.  You’re okay in our book, Matthew.

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