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Supervisory Special Agent (Ret) Andrew Bringuel, II, was a Special Agent Supervisor Instructor at the FBI Academy. He served over 27 years conducting investigations, in positions in management, conducting research, and providing training. Mr. Bringuel is considered a subject matter expert (SME) regarding combating violent extremism, relational policing processes, emerging technologies, ethical leadership and management principles, crisis negotiations, and stress management/resiliency practices. Mr. Bringuel has a Bachelor’s degree in Criminology from St. Leo University, and a Master’s degree in Adult Education from the University of Virginia.

Mr. Bringuel is now Executive Director of the Behavioral Science Unit, LLC (BSU, LLC) and the Critical Incident Response Group (CIRG) and is available for training and as a keynote speaker. You can view available services at [email protected]

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It’s Time to Clear the Air Regarding Security Clearances

I know a guy, a very successful businessman who wanted to become a Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) agent but couldn’t pass a background investigation to gain a security clearance. He had a past drug addiction and made some bad life choices before becoming the upstanding businessman I know today. I also know a young […]

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Sticks and Stones — Name-Calling Supplants Decency and Civility

When does an act of calling people names get old? There are certain entertainers whose act is all about insulting and name-calling others and the public allows it, accepts it, even celebrates the behavior. They do so thinking it’s just an act meant without malicious, no harm intended. So-called “insult comics” like Don Rickles, Joan […]

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Mueller and Comey: Change Management and Organizational Crisis

Change management is as much situational as it is philosophical. Former Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Directors Robert Mueller and James Comey are change managers with two very different leadership styles. They served as directors at the FBI during two very different times. Their leadership styles impacted their decisions as change managers as much as […]