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Dan Deyo is a former Soviet Ground Force analyst for the CIA. Deyo is also author of the book “Legions of the East: A Compendium of the Russian Army in the First World War.”

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The Motivations of Mr. or Ms. Anonymous

The recent New York Times op-ed by an anonymous member of President Trump’s administration detailing an active resistance movement articulates an interesting dilemma depending on your perspective. If you support President Trump the op-ed describes a White House team that is undercutting his administration and leadership – providing evidence of the existence of a “deep […]

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Who Wants To Be a Space Cadet?

In mid-June, President Donald Trump announced his intention to create the Space Force, a new branch of the U.S. Military. He still has to get the U.S. Congress to legislate this proposed force into existence which, based on the comments of many senators and representatives, is likely to be a bi-partisan issue. The main question at […]

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Tracking Islamic Terrorists’ Attacks Against Rail Systems, Outmoded Infrastructure

Islamic terrorists have a long history of targeting rail transportation to achieve their demonic aims. In 2004, al-Qaeda launched a series of bombings against Madrid’s rail system, killing 192 and injuring over 2000. A year later they attacked London’s tube and bus system, killing 56 and injuring over 700. More recent attacks in Brussels, St. Petersburg, and Moscow against trains and metro systems added almost another hundred dead and hundreds more wounded. Other suspected Islamic groups have been conducting attacks against rail systems in India for the past 20 years.

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The Bear in the Woods – Prepping for Invasion

“There is a bear in the woods.” So began the famous political ad in 1984 for President Ronald Reagan’s reelection campaign. In the commercial, the bear was a symbol of the Soviet Union. The commercial questioned whether some individuals in America saw the bear as a danger or not – it posed the idea that it might be best to be as strong as the bear. The commercial was a tremendous success and helped separate Reagan from his opponent, former Vice President Walter Mondale. Once again, there is a bear in the woods, but now it is the Russian Federation. This time, the bear is preparing to move West.
Since late 2013, the Russian ground forces have placed an increasing number of maneuver formations along their western borders with Ukraine, Belarus, Poland, Lithuania, Finland, and Norway. They have expanded brigades into divisions by activating mobilization storage depots into brigades, and transferring other maneuver forces west from the Central Military District.