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Ex Umbra is a pen name used for the security of an experienced senior counterterrorist operative currently working outside of the US government.

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The Hunt for Bowe Bergdahl: ‘You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know!’

(Lt. General [U.S. Army-Retired] Mike Flynn’s contributions to U.S. Special Operations are legendary and fall into the category of, “You don’t know, what you don’t know!” Former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld used a similar category in his planning called “unknown, unknowns.”) I spoke directly to Michael Furlong as soon as the Vanity Fair piece […]

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A Hybrid Model of the ‘Progressive Socialist’ Movement’s Soft-Coup Strategy

I have been writing about specific instances of the “Trump Administration’s ‘Deep State Problem’ at the State Department that is Now Erupting and Destabilizing Latin America”. In this piece, I talk about the role of billionaire globalist George Soros and his orchestration of the progressive liberal agenda.

This piece provides overarching context for all the disparate activities that confuse the average reader. Provided below is a diagram of this overarching model, which drives the progressive socialist strategy.

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The Trump Administration’s ‘Deep State Problem’ at State Department is Now Erupting and Destabilizing Latin America

Obama Administration hold-overs and billionaire globalist George Soros are running US foreign policy into the proverbial “ditch” and potentially creating the Latin American version of the “Arab Spring” uprisings in the Middle East.

Prominent and knowledgeable Republican senators and core Trump supporters are outraged by President Trump’s nomination of former Hillary Clinton aide Joseph MacManus as the next ambassador to Colombia. The Washington Free Beacon broke the story by Susan Crabtree on November 27, 2017:

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The New Socialist Movement Is Active In At Least 37 Countries and America Is the Center-Piece

There is a new globalist-socialist movement right now. This movement hides under the cloak of “Progressivism.” After all, the failed socialist model (most recent examples: Venezuela and Cuba) cannot compete under its true socialist brand against democratic and free-market societies. This so-called “Progressive Movement” has, however, rebranded its label, its strategy, and its tactics to accomplish the same socialist end-state.

Is the White House ‘Strategic Initiatives Group’ Tracking the Newly Emerging Alignment of World Powers in Southeast Asia?

The Trump Administration must avoid being seduced by quick-fixes and quick-alliances to defeat ISIS. Beware of other nations’ hidden agendas and double-speak. The US has leverage… There is an ongoing alignment of major world powers involving China, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), Pakistan, the Maldives Island Chain, and several of the Sunni Muslim countries in […]

Defeating ISIS and Radical Islamic Terrorism: Part 2 – Defend the Homeland

By Ex Umbra: Because of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria’s (ISIS) demonstrated capability to project its radical Islamic terrorism (RIT) across the globe or inspire home-grown terrorism in its name, defending our homeland in the US is a life or death matter for us all. One needs only to reflect upon the horrific […]