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Michael Furlong is a career Army Infantry Officer, Battalion Task Force Commander, Combat Veteran, and retired Defense Intelligence Senior Executive Service.

Where is the Trump Administration with its Inaugural National Security Strategy of the United States?

On November 14, 2016, I wrote a piece for OpsLens regarding the critical importance of President Trump’s first NSS (or colloquially, the “President’s Blue Book”) to immediately conclude and promulgate America’s Vital and Major National Security Interests. In that article, I stated that “there is no time to waste with an extended period of the status quo.”

Under the Goldwater-Nichols Defense Department Reorganization Act of 1986, [amending Title 50, Chapter 15, Section 404a of the US Code, paragraph (a)(3)] is the recommendation that “Not later than 150 days after the date on which a new President takes office (in this case, about June 18, 2017), the President shall transmit to Congress a national security strategy report under this section.” As of this date, President Trump’s team is still working this seminal document.