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Gamification—The New Black

By Tripp Skinner Many corporate leaders have struggled with keeping employees on track regarding messaging to customers, especially if the workers are on the frontline dealing with people, such as in the food service industry. Sam Caucci, CEO of 1Huddle, an innovative learning company, has an app for that. Caucci believes gamification is the way […]

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Is Saudi Arabia’s Influence in the U.S. Declining?

By Ali Ahmed Last week, a prominent Saudi-funded organization in Washington, Arabia Foundation, shuttered its doors after merely two years. The sudden end of a well-funded public relations operation with some success in echoing Saudi officialdom in American media speaks volumes regarding the disarray encompassing the Saudi PR machine, long seen as one the monarchy’s […]

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Pres. Trump Meeting with MBS at G-20 Means U.S.-Saudi Relations Back on Track

By Tripp Skinner U.S. President Donald Trump met with Saudi Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman recently at the G-20 summit in Osaka, Japan. Just the meeting itself confirms that “American/Saudi relations are back on track, near normal levels,” declared Saudi dissident and head of The Gulf Institute in Washington, D.C., Ali al-Ahmed.  The American relationship with […]

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The Democratic Free Tulip Mania

By Tripp Skinner Does anyone believe these unserious people? I’m speaking of the Democratic candidates for president of the United State, of course. Recent memes have come out mocking the blatant cash giveaways promised in return for votes by all of the POTUS wannabes. However, the plans of Kamala Harris and Bernie Sanders seriously take […]

Womyn? Womxn? Womban? Taxpayer-Funded University Ponders Alternate Spellings For ‘Woman’

By Eric Owens, The Daily Caller: How dare you spell woman the way it has always been spelled! Missouri State University sponsored an hour-long event last week dedicated to the various ways fringe feminist activists can misspell the word “woman.” The event, entitled “Womyn, Wymen,” was held in the taxpayer-funded school’s Multicultural Resource Center Annex, […]

Leaked Emails: Hillary Claimed Terror, Russia Not ‘Threats’

By Jim Stinson, Lifezette Terrorism is not a national threat, Hillary Clinton told an affluent audience in a paid speech to the Global Business Travelers Association in 2013. Clinton was paid $225,000 for the Aug. 7, 2013, speech. In it, she said the nation is not threatened by terrorism, even after the bombing at the […]

What Happens After We Retake Mosul?

By Joseph Padgett: The climatic ending of the fight against ISIS in Iraq is drawing ever closer as more soldiers have been tapped on the shoulder and told to deploy to the hot zone. Now totaling over 5,000 troops on the ground it is the largest presence we have had since the U.S. left the […]

Why I Don’t Care About Donald Trump’s Taxes

By Rhett Miller: I don’t care about Donald Trump’s taxes and neither should you. Admittedly Trump was not my first choice as the Republican nominee, but I admire how he has revolutionized the political system and garnered a rabid fan base as a political outsider.  Likewise, as people have made their impassioned pleas for Trump, […]

How the Third Party Candidates Can Become Viable

By Edward Perrin: For many, a vote in the general election for Libertarian Gary Johnson or the Green Party’s Jill Stein are a protest against the perceived corruption of the status quo in Washington. And while I do not want to disparage the votes of those who earnestly support these candidates — or the more […]

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Test Post

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