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Ray Walker is a retired Senior Intelligence Officer of the CIA with more than 20 years of overseas experience and a total of more than 30 years of service. He is a supporter of the Heritage Foundation and is actively involved in a small non-profit organization dedicated to helping wounded vets from recent mid-east conflicts make the transition to civilian life.

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Stopping Gun Violence in Our Schools

I have been an NRA member for more than 10 years and am a firm believer in the 2nd Amendment and the right of Americans to bear arms. But the gun violence and indiscriminate shootings we have witnessed from Columbine to the most recent school shooting in Parkland, Florida demand that we take certain measures to ensure the protection, first and foremost, of our children.

But the intransigence on both sides of the political spectrum cannot continue. Steps have to be taken that will protect our schools as well as other venues from becoming targets of those who have no right to have a weapon of any kind.