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Shelly Mateer is a former CIA officer and author of "Single in the CIA", "Mission: Stand Down" and the "Mingling in the CIA" series, as well two children’s picture books, “Mommy Thinks She's a Monster” and "The Lemon Seed". She's also the creator of the Cooking in the CIA app, the BurpMitt® product line and a comical children's music album Mommy's Gone Mad!.
Her books are inspired and influenced by her experiences working undercover for the CIA's Directorate of Operations.

California Shaming

Infant onesie pulled over nose and mouth – a comical, but effective makeshift face covering – my husband felt eyes burning into him. “You got enough in there?” Glancing up from the bok choy, he saw an elderly woman gesturing disapprovingly at his grocery cart. The yellow dachshund at the collar of the onesie conveniently […]

California Snitching

It’s a bright, sunny day – the first clear one in a week of very rare desert rain.  My husband, after spending his day teaching our kindergartener as well as his own elementary school class, has taken our two young children out on a golf cart ride.  My son is smiling for the first time […]

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Legislative California

Tormented by the sight of the lush green grass on the other side of the fence, my two-year-old, clad only in a diaper, stares longingly from her dirt and rock prison otherwise known as our yard. The whining from our five-year-old becomes deafening as he voices what she cannot. Released from the cement cage, we […]

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Red California

“Daddy, let’s say hi to that guy!” my five-year-old chirped as my husband bumped down the road in our golf cart. My husband glanced over to see an older man watering his front yard with a hose. “Sure, let’s say hi to that guy,” my husband happily obliged. As my son innocently waved, the man […]

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California Burning

It’s summer in California which means our family needs an escape from the desert. It also means fire season. This summer as we drove from California into Oregon we noticed a distinct difference between the health of the trees in Oregon and their California brethren. Juxtaposed with the glorious sight of Mount Shasta covered almost […]

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California Beauty

Leaving the dilapidated shacks that line the famed Route 66, we emerge from the dust, wind, and extreme heat of the desert. We cut through a town called Wasco where there appears to be a small building boom happening. We see cranes adorned with American flags flying high and pass through clusters of mobile homes […]

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Crazed California

In a small town nestled in the shadow of the Blue Ridge Mountains I recall welcoming small furry visitors who would drop by our house, sometimes in packs of three. These collarless and very friendly little dogs would stop by our front porch as if visiting an old friend. It would brighten my day, if […]

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We Still Need You, Mr. President!

As we gear up for another family trip across the country, I cannot help but reflect on last year’s trip—the voyage that inspired me to write my first article for OpsLens. Almost immediately upon leaving the muddled, mismanaged mess that is California we spotted new growth that only a booming economy could bring. We don’t […]

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California Darkness

It was a normal day in our household, if not a little busier than normal. As well as some dirty ones in the sink waiting to be cleaned, dishes in the dishwasher were to be put away. Nothing was ready for dinner, and a science fair to attend at the elementary school. No problem, we […]

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Watch Your Step in San Francisco

Stepping over a pile of used hypodermic needles, condoms and an unknown liquid, Ms. Jane Q. Officeworker made her way to the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) station entrance. The smell of excrement wafted up from the semi-darkness. The escalators were out again. She began descending the multitude of steps into the darkness. It was […]

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California Life: Accosted at the Grocery Store

Once a month we pay a visit to a large grocery store in the area to stock up. As in most poor areas, the produce is one day away from being rotten, but the prices are low. This particular store has a fairly wide range of clientele, but mostly I would say it is a […]

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California Life: Going to the Doctor-less Doctor’s Office

One night after a series of colds and recurring ear infections, our daughter woke with a high fever. Figuring it was probably a return of her recent ear infection, we made an appointment at our pediatrician’s office. We were told we would be squeezed in to the already overloaded schedule. Recently a very highly-regarded pediatrician […]

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California Crumbling

Twenty-one years ago I began my first office job out of college. I was hired by a company that tracked the legislation of all fifty states. I lived in a California that was, at the time, the pinnacle of innovation and creativity. It was said that when California did something, the rest of the states […]

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Letter to the President

Mr. President: As we head into this Thanksgiving holiday, I am writing to say thank you. You have given us hope that this country can be strong and successful again. It is sometimes hard to imagine, sitting here in the high desert of California, literally in the middle of nowhere. I am a former CIA […]