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T.B. Lefever is an active police officer in the Metro-Atlanta area. Throughout his career, Lefever has served as a SWAT Hostage Negotiator, a member of the Crime Suppression Unit, a School Resource Officer, and a Uniformed Patrol Officer. T.B. is also a certified Field Training Officer. He has a BA in Criminal Justice and Sociology from Rutgers University. Follow T.B. on Twitter @tblefever.

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Hump Day in the Life of a Cop

Wednesday. It’s otherwise known as “hump day” and is ironically notorious for its mundaneness. Wednesday isn’t despised or dreaded like its cousin, Monday, nor is it longed-for and exalted like Friday. There’s no reason to hold onto it tightly and hope it never ends like a “Sunday Funday,” nor does it carry any of the […]

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The Censorship of Alex Jones and InfoWars

Following months of calls for the censorship of InfoWars by Democrat lawmakers and Alex Jones’ mainstream media competitors, the hammer finally found its nail on a hot and humid Monday during these dog days of summer 2018. In a series of sweeping and decisive moves, InfoWars content was yanked from YouTube, Facebook, Spotify, and Apple […]

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Overcoming Fear: A Boxer’s First Fight

Fighting is undeniably a fact of life. Like it or not, someone is always waging war on you for that job, that potential relationship partner, that social status, and anything else one can think of. This life is quite literally a fight to the death. Perhaps the hardest fight we face comes when we’re alone. […]

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Some of Us Will Remember Anthony Bourdain Differently

If you’re reading this then you are already well aware of how the mainstream global media has been remembering, memorializing, and honoring celebrity chef and television personality Anthony Bourdain non-stop since his suicide in a Paris hotel room on June 8. We’re all going to die one day. Like anyone else out there, I suppose […]

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Mixed Martial Arts Media and TMZ Now More Credible Than MSM

This past Friday, UFC fighter “Platinum” Mike Perry said something that would get a white athlete in virtually any other sport run out of their league. Taking to Instagram last Friday, Perry made a self-recorded 14-second video to explain his recent DNA test results. It started out vanilla as Perry announced, “The results came back French and German, British and Irish, and I was 2% African.” And then he lit the fuse: “So I am legally allowed to say the word n***a.” Cut. End scene.

I don’t know why I laughed as much as I did, but I found it hysterical. I guess I’m just a nasty, disgusting racist. If you follow the sport, Perry is one of these off-the-wall guys who is always saying or doing something outrageous, so it wasn’t exactly unexpected. His colorful personality—along with an ultra-violent, throw caution to the wind fighting style—has made him one of UFC’s breakout fan favorites whether he wins or loses. Still, we’ve seen other bad boys, rebels, and nonconformists go one step too far in the eyes of the media when it comes to the N-word or other remarks off-limits to white folks.

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Demetrious Lowe Incident in Milwaukee — Lessons Learned

The Demetrious Lowe incident was ugly, but it should be used to teach the law enforcement community lessons on training and leadership. It was the type of call that every police recruit is warned they’ll eventually have to deal with while they’re going through the police academy—the type of gritty cluster f**k that reminds us why we need to put badges on tough men and women who know how to fight and win. There’s more to this job than traffic citations and community policing photo ops, but you just can’t tell that to the people calling balls and strikes for some departments.

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Michelle Wolf: Corporate America’s Shiny New Left-Wing Mascot

Let’s just get straight to the point.  Michelle Wolf is about as much of a comedian as she is a supermodel. She’s long been a social justice warrior activist first and a funny person second. So which is it, Michelle or Mishill? During the 2016 election, Michelle Wolf was in lockstep with other corporatist puppets […]

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Machiavellian Madness — The Stephon Clark Incident

The dust from another unfortunate police shooting involving an unarmed black man has settled, and it’s clear that this latest one served its purpose.  A few people across the country made quite a bit of money…

By now, we’re all too familiar with the vicious cycle: first, there’s the shooting.  It’s then followed by those leeches and vampires who call themselves reverends and journalists smelling blood—and money.  They make their play. Finally, the cycle is rounded out by ultimately reducing someone like Stephon Clark from a human being to a mere cash cow in the racial grievance industry.  The sheep flock to the streets in protest.  The cameras flash.  There’s outrage everywhere.  Put another quarter in the merry-go-round.

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Six Types of Cops – How Many Do You Know?

Without a doubt, we’ve got stereotypical cops with the high and tight haircuts and robotic demeanor who carry their handcuffs off-duty and sleep with aviators on just like people imagine, but that caricature sells us short.  Alpha and beta personalities inhabit each and every one of these cops categories, although being an alpha definitely helps in Copland.  Here are just a few types of cops that I know.

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The Divorced States of America?

A while back, I snapped a great picture of my two daughters at the kitchen table enjoying some home-made ice cream sundaes that we made together.  Sitting there with the hot fudge covering their smiling faces, they looked so happy, cute, and innocent. I had to share the moment with my friends and family on Facebook.

Most people clicked the little heart or the thumbs up, some made nice comments, and then there was that one thorn in the rose stem.  Unfortunately, the thorn that pricks us is what we remember—and that prick came from a former colleague of mine.  Those little girls aren’t going to have a future to grow up in if Trump keeps f**king the world up, he wrote.

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Miramar PD SWAT Officers Lose Positions for Responding to Parkland Shooting

Detectives Jeffrey Gilbert and Carl Schlosser were both nearby when they got word of the carnage taking place at the school. What they did next wasn’t heroic – it was what they were called to do, what they were trained to do, and what society expected them to do. Gilbert and Schlosser headed towards the gunfire to help stop the bloodshed in any way that they could, but a wise man once said that no good deed goes unpunished.

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City of Baltimore to Cops: You’re On Your Own

Up to nine Baltimore police officers are tens of thousands of dollars in debt to plaintiffs after being found to have exhibited “actual malice” during arrests by civil court juries.  The city attorney wants members of the Baltimore Police Department to know that they’ll be personally on the hook for restitution should they be sued and lose, while the FOP contends that threatening to garnish officers’ pay is the wrong message to send to those tasked with fighting crime.

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Celebrating the Heroes of ‘Brawl for a Cause’

Thankfully, back in 2014, I found boxing at the Atlanta Police Athletic League.  Each year, Atlanta’s Finest get together with Atlanta’s Bravest at the PAL Guns N’ Hoses Boxing Championship to slug it out in front of a crowd of friends, family, and co-workers.  All proceeds go towards PAL recreational sports leagues, tutoring, after-school care, transportation, and mentorship for underprivileged kids in the city.

The police usually take home the trophy, but the fire guys definitely hold their own and they should be proud.  While I simply fight at these events, the police officers who dedicate themselves to running the Police Athletic League are truly doing something special. I hope Police Athletic Leagues around the country live on forever.

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Someone Forgot to Tell Democrats the State of the Union is Glorious

The belief that our mainstream media’s narrative represents a nefariously crafted web of lies, deceit, and misdirection is nothing new, and “conspiracy theorists” are as old as time itself.  Thanks to the unrelenting power of the internet, though, revelations surrounding the “Deep State,” “New World Order,” cloak and dagger operations, and “smoke-filled-room” corruption around the world are becoming more widely discussed all the time.

Despite news of a damning intelligence memo on DNC and FBI collusion against Trump being stamped for release to the public this week, the president didn’t mention it during his first State of the Union address.  Instead, Trump’s speech was about unity: a message that most of the members of the DNC in attendance would not reciprocate.

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Overcoming Fear in Policing

The truth is that any cop worth their salt relishes being a protector.  We’re proud to wear the badge that strikes fear into humanity’s worst, who in turn strike fear into the greater society when we’re not around.  While I’m no sadist who actually wants to go out and hurt anyone, I reject the “hug a thug” and “kinder gentler police force” mentality that millennial officers have been indoctrinated with in our era of policing.  If there comes a day when criminals don’t fear the police, society is in big trouble. In the meantime, we’ve got to overcome our own.

When people aren’t calling us cowards with guns and criticizing us when we get shaken, they’re thinking something might be wrong with us for signing up for this gig in the first place.  As a guy who has known all kinds of cops beyond a friendly smile and a wave throughout my 31 years, I don’t necessarily disagree with the idea of us all being a bit odd. We are cops, after all.

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Cop Shares Most Memorable Moments of 2017

I spent the last day of the year sitting in my patrol car thinking about 2017.  As the final hours melted away, I made a list of some of the moments that made a year patrolling the streets of Metro-Atlanta worth writing about.  Keep this in mind.  If I’ve got stories from my sleepy little neck of the woods, just imagine what a cop on the front lines in NYPD, Chicago, or Baltimore could tell you.

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Line of Duty Deaths Falls in 2017 – A Cop’s Take

It’s tough to resurface from an abyss of an entire year’s worth of death and destruction stories feeling good, period.  Factor in the bonds of fraternity and unique life experience shared with the tragically deceased officers you’re focusing on and it gets harder. 

If you allow yourself to dwell on it, you can see your own death and the suffering of those you would leave behind in every blue life lost day in and day out, all year long.  With that being said,  there is some consolation for this cop in not having to write last year’s article on the issue over again.  Researching the significant dip in line of duty deaths in 2017 has been bittersweet.

Per the Officer Down Memorial Page, 124 officers died in the line of duty nationwide in 2017.  Thankfully, it is a sharp decline from the 148 dead cops I wrote about last year around this time in my OpsLens article A Deadly Year for Police Officers.  The optimist inside of me says the disparity represents 24 lives saved and an unknowable number of surviving family members’ lives prevented from ruin. 

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PART TWO – NFL Soon to Face Competition from a Familiar Foe

In late 2000, I learned of the XFL and instantly became hooked before the first game was ever played.  When the XFL finally announced the eight teams it would feature in its inaugural season, I was ecstatic to learn that one of them would be the NY/NJ Hitmen and that they’d call Giants Stadium their home.

In my mind, there were too many coincidences at play for this not to be fate.  The Hitmen black and blue color scheme matched the rubber bands I’d been wearing in my braces that entire year, and the team’s general manager was none other than my hometown’s hero, Drew Pearson, a Hall of Fame Dallas Cowboys WR who would frequent our high school homecoming games over the years to let kids hold his Super Bowl ring.  Those tickets were the only thing I wanted that Christmas, so I started angling, pitching, and politicking with the zeal of a used car salesman.

A guy could get in on the action with the Hitmen for just a fraction of what it cost to become a season ticket holder for the Giants or Jets.  I also knew that the notion of ex-college football players and second-chancers still playing for the love of the game was something my dad could get behind.  We could afford it, we both loved football, and it was a new tradition we could create for ourselves.

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NFL To Face Competition From A Familiar Foe – Part One

A popular news story this week has been centered around musings of an XFL rebirth. The XFL, if you remember, was one of the greatest sports failures in American history. Its memory was largely forgotten – until recently. In multiple interviews since the demise of his league, longtime World Wrestling Entertainment and former-XFL President Vince […]

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Wrong Place at the Wrong Time

Cops all go through the same trials and tribulations for the most part, but we all learn different lessons that we take with us into the next shift. Sometimes fate deals the cards and you’re stuck with what you’ve got, unfortunately. You wonder if there was anything that could have been done differently to change it, but it’s futile. Sometimes there is no next shift.  Seven years ago, on an unusually frigid Tuesday night in late January, I learned that lesson.