California Gradually Leaving the Union

By: - September 5, 2019

Over the last week the city of San Francisco labeled the NRA a “terrorist organization” and the governor of the state of California signed a bill allowing citizens to refuse to help a police officer in need.

Of course Hezbollah, Hamas, the PLO, al-Qaeda, the Taliban, Planned Parenthood (an organization that kills more than all the others combined), and other terrorist groups somehow missed the all pervasive terror-knowing gaze of San Francisco. And the state action? Well, that’s just part of its unrelenting war on the concept of law and order as perceived by America.

What has been happening for some time has recently accelerated. It has been noticed and analyzed here but in few other media outlets. That is, California’s conscious effort to separate itself from the rest of America. Oregon and Washington State may be following the same gradual plan.

Little by little, by legislation on a host of topics and by spoken intent, they have let the rest of the United States know that the mutual ideals and civic culture we once shared no longer applies. This could be by definite plan or by going with the flow of the political currents. Either way the result may be the same. One to three less stars on the U.S. flag.

It is not inconceivable that this is a coordinated operation and one day in the not too distant future one or all three states will formally ask to leave the U.S. Theoretically, a constitutional convention could be called to expel them from the Union. Though it is unlikely the other states have the wisdom to do that. Both scenarios are fine with me.

A divorce would let both sides be governed by their own principles. We would no longer be a nation divided against itself.

We would have America back as an entity not in cultural and political conflict with its largest state, perhaps its entire west coast. They would soon live in a bigger version of modern-day Venezuela.

America has little to nothing left in common with the political leadership of the west coast. Taken alone, the divide on the illegal immigration question highlights that. And remember, it is a leadership that has been regularly confirmed in office by the electorates of those states. Thus, it is reflective of majority opinion in those states.

They show by the recent two maneuvers and by their consistent policies they will disdain and ignore the actions of the federal government and that the California political establishment loathes the opinions of the American people.

This national separation does not have to be violent or unnecessarily acrimonious. But for the sake of the internal security and the national cohesion of the United States of America it must come. This charade of political and cultural commonality must end.