Dems Back Desperate Run at SCOTUS, Tops Midweek Report

By: - August 14, 2019

By the look of the numbers you guys like the breaking news and concise shtick. So be it on Wednesday, as the short punchy stuff is easier to write and a lot more fun to read I bet than my usual swollen prose. Naturally, I will retain my pretentious snark and untroubled conservatism. For it’s said, to thine own self be true. As such…

This is Midweek Report:

  • Several Dem senators are very miffed that the nation is not a leftist dictatorship that doesn’t do exactly as they command. Specifically, that the U.S. had the outrageous temerity to elect a Republican to the highest office, and not a Vichy Republican at that. Then this presidential rouser of the rabble dared to nominate and get seated to the SCOTUS two conservatives. So, what do the Dems propose? Ripping up precedent and tradition in this country, not to mention damage done to the constitution, by attempting the tried and failed FDR trick of packing the court. This is being done to anticipate the legal fights they know they will undertake if and when the president is reelected. Better put your seats, also those on the high court, in an upright position. It’s gonna get bumpy.
  • Chinese riot police have stormed the Hong Kong airport and clashed with pro-freedom demonstrators holed up there. This comes on the heels of those same protestors waving Old Glory and singing the U.S. national anthem in the streets to remind us what they and we stand for. If that was meant to induce guilt, it worked with some of us. But not enough to advocate getting ourselves involved in a hopeless struggle. And anyway, the situation will clarify soon enough when Chicom troops move in. The president realizes this and is acting accordingly. Sad he has to keep a low profile, but it is the proper course of action. We don’t want to raise hopes for nothing, as we did through VOA in Hungary in 1956.
  • MSNBC makes a fetish out of decrying the president’s “hateful rhetoric.” But, regarding Trump supporters, a guest on one of their shows on Sunday said, “You do not negotiate with these people—you destroy them.” He was not denounced by the host posthaste and will almost certainly be invited back for more calm and reasoned analysis. In case you ever forget about leftist hypocrisy or what their real aim is for America, let that be a reminder. As for the man who made the threat? Bring it on, pal. Then we’ll see how far your views on gun control will get you.
  • Argentina had a good run for the last couple of years under pro-market and pro-American President Mauricio Macri. But he is facing an uphill fight in an election this fall against the leftist party under Cristina Fernandez that put the country in the mess Macri has partially rescued it from. As a Latin myself, it sometimes amazes me the love affair other Latins consistently have with fiscally loony tax and spend demagogues like Fernandez. Let’s hope the Argies prove me wrong.
  • After the couple’s home was recently burglarized, wife of Dem Rep. Elijah Cummings posted a pic of the thief on Twitter. The image is from a security camera. The perp seems to be black. Oh, no! Does that make the congressman and his wife racists? After all, they are implying a person of color is a criminal when he was just seeking reparations in his own way. No doubt The New York Times will be right on that grievous example of a “hate tweet.”
  • One must give the devils credit when it is due. Certain populist leftists are hip to the monopoly status of firms like Google, Facebook, and Twitter. They may work to break them up. Ironically well played there, socialist chums, as competition is good for all in the free market. Yesterday that situation became even more interesting, as Viacom and CBS announced a $30 billion merger. The Bolshies must have missed that all those media firms are at one with their own editorial biases. If not, good for them.
  • We have blinked in the Chinese trade war, as the U.S. has delayed tariffs that were set to start in less than three weeks and has taken other products off the tariff list entirely. This was probably meant to spare consumers the extra cost on Chinese products during the holiday retail season. Trump trade aces should have thought of that when they threatened to impose the duties. Bad optics.
  • And finally, mercurial killer robot-crazed entrepreneur Elon Musk is backing Andrew Yang for president. Lucky Andrew. You see, Musk thinks monster machines, like in “Terminator,” are one of our most pressing problems. Earth to Elon: If so, why aren’t you concerned about Elizabeth Warren?