Dems Bare Fangs in Houston, Tops Friday Roundup

By: - September 13, 2019

It’s de facto autumn, though you couldn’t tell by the humidity here, so we’ll get right to that debate business…

  • The first and second tier Democratic candidates for president, when they took time out from shiving each other, couldn’t engage in PC absurdity and blackface-like patronizing racism anymore if they had indeed donned blackface…wait…oh, right, they do that. From the media panelists, all proper Dem tokens, to the awful Latin accents, these palookas pandered to anything that moved likely to include the stage furniture: Oh, excuse me, Mr. Podium, am I oppressing you by talking above your head? Harassing you by holding you as I speak? Blah, blah, cliché.
  • Short take is that Biden was aggressive and did well, Bernie is replaying 2016, Warren was status quo—which is good for her, and the rest didn’t count. They were turning on each other too often and too much to get noticed for any real or suspected gravitas.
  • Per the rest, Beto stuck to his clinically depressed mode of telling possible supporters, “You’re a racist, Trump murders then eats children, and I’m enthusiastically going to take away your guns.” Castro has got the minority hustle down pat, Booker is running for veep, Buttigieg can’t get over his own sexuality, Harris is out of steam, and Yang is a one-trick pony—his free money giveaway program. These current also-rans were trying to score a “moment” at the expense of one of the three big dogs. None succeeded.
  • Speaking of the geek vote, Yang tried to turn the election into a rather low rent game show, as he actually (no lie) said he would give ten random families $1000 a month for the next year to showcase his wacky free money scheme. Looks like he’s also running for president of Publishers Clearing House.
  • Got some flak from readers on my last debate coverage for supposedly saying positive stuff about certain Dem performances. In the context of horserace analysis, of course I will give tactical and strategic credit where it is due. If you don’t like that then please find a company line spouting true believer ideological robot to read. This is sarcastic conservative analysis, not bloody cheerleading.
  • Healthcare was a subject of contention, as Biden went after the others on the price and the others, especially Castro, tried to paint Joe as a mean old Grinch. Advantage, Biden. In fact, within a Dem context, Joe is coming off as a thinking grownup.
  • They all went full Chicken Little on the environment/global warming/climate change/give us all your money gambit, as the ghost of Jay Inslee dejectedly wandered the halls.
  • Wish Joe would stop playing the death cards. It’s vulgar and disturbing. When he does so a dowager aunt should emerge from the wings and box him on the ears.
  • Castro went for the age attack, suggesting Biden couldn’t remember things. Well done Castro, you git, as senior citizens don’t vote at all, right?
  • My fave Joe gaffe of the night was his answer to a question on technology, as it highlighted how out of touch he really is on any tech issue since the Harding administration. He bizarrely urged voters who want to educate themselves on slavery to “play the radio” and to “make sure you have the record player on at night.” His staff should curtail his habit of ingesting a tincture of pure grade opium before every debate.
  • Biden said, “Nobody should be in jail for a non-violent crime.” Hmmm, there may be a case there. But the Dem class warfare machine went haywire on that and, before the debate was over, Biden’s own people had to disavow the line. Dear God…
  • Sanders accused ABC of double dealing by taking debate ads from the healthcare industry. This is yet another example of how Sanders doesn’t have a clue on how a market works, “You see, Senator, there are these things called ads. We sell them and they make this show possible. And…”
  • And finally, Buttigieg said (yawn) that Trump voters are (yawn) racist. Way to appeal to independents who voted for Trump, moron. As such, the RNC will be sending him flowers. Don’t take that the wrong way, Pete. They only like you as a friend. Have a good weekend.