Dems May Be Planning an Interesting Move Against Trump

By: - September 19, 2019

Scuttlebutt around DC happy hours is that there are Dem players and consultants who are proposing to the three major campaigns, Warren, Biden, and Sanders, that if they should win the nomination they should not agree to debate the president.

Not a bad idea at all, for them. Think about it.

Remember what he did to his primary opponents? Recall how he humiliated Hillary? Can you imagine what he’d do to those three?

He’d make Warren seem like a mirthless wretch, as she’d hysterically rise to every bait and shriek her hard left ideology. He’d maybe engender some pity for poor Joe. But on top of that would be the president’s wry shtick directed at every Biden gaffe. Biden, feeling the pressure, would make bizarre and outrageous claims. This would happen especially if Joe gets flustered, which Trump could guarantee to do to him just by being Trump.

And Bernie?

By the time the first debate was over the cranky old uncle routine will become the arm-waving stark raving loony old commie routine, much to the amusement of Trump and the rest of America.

If we can surmise this turn of events this far out from next fall so can sharp Dem operatives in the field and at the DNC. Their thinking goes, why should we let our candidate be his target? Why should we open ourselves up to his outlandish ridicule and sarcasm?

They are not wrong. They could claim the president is just too childish and mendacious to engage in a proper debate and do a series of town halls in front of friendly crowds in lieu of debating Trump. They could throw some shills into the audience to challenge their nominee with seemingly hostile questions the candidate would be prebriefed to knock out of the park. The media would back them up and claim how edifying the “dialogue” is without the bully-boy president involved.

Will this happen? I’m guessing probably not. Mainly because they don’t have the guts to do it or the strategic acumen to stand their ground against the charges of chicken that Trump and the GOP would heave their way.

So instead they will lead one of their own into a slaughterhouse… Idiots.