Dems Nervous as Horowitz Report Approaches, Tops Monday Briefing

By: - August 19, 2019

Take another sip of coffee, or adjust yourself in bed before you actually get up, and prepare for the beginning of the week. Even an August week full of casual attitudes and vacations still has news to report. Especially if you live around here. That’s why…

This is Monday Briefing:

  • When you live on the outskirts of metro DC, and go into the District for work or play, you inevitably will have social and professional dealings with Dems. Some of them, though misguided, are nice and normal people. These days, certain of them are a tad anxious. That’s because three bombshell reports are set to hit over the next six months, one on top of the other, that put lie to the Russian hoax and further implicate, amongst others, the disgraced 44th president and Hillary Clinton. The first one of those to land (smart money is in September) is the Horowitz Report of DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz. The other two, one of the Senate Judiciary Committee under Lindsey Graham and the other by U.S. Attorney John Durham, will see the light of day next year. Just in time for the 2020 election. Those who tend to be most agitated by this derive a paycheck from the Dems or their subsidiaries in the press and professional Washington. I’ve personally witnessed some of their discomfort at social gatherings and summer soirees. While trying to hold back my derisive laughter, I hear tell of updated resumés and plans to switch jobs and locales. It seems, if the reports are as bad as they are reputed to be (Graham called the Horowitz Report “ugly and damning”), that the swamp may begin to drain itself.
  • Apple’s Tim Cook met with the president and made a good case against tariffs, or so the president himself said. Given Trump’s quicksilver ability to change horses midstream and his climb down on the Chinese trade war, could he be signaling a reversal of policy? I think, yes.
  • Moderate Dem Governor Steve Bullock of Montana is getting creamed in the Dem primaries. That’s because he’s a relative centrist in a party of socialist nut jobs. Now he’s ticked that one of those loons, impeachment-obsessed rich guy and new primary contender Tom Steyer, is buying his way into the next stage of Dem debates while Bullock may not qualify. Gee, the uberaffluent buying their way into power in the supposedly pleb-loving Dem party? Hasn’t happened much unless you count the Kennedys, Rockefellers, Warners, Feinsteins, Blumenthals, the Polis family, and every other megalomaniac patrician or middle class hustler ad infinitum who made themselves wealthy or wealthier off the public dime. So really Steve, looking for merit amongst thieves? Stop. Because the fake Diogenes act is getting tiresome.
  • The president went on a rant against Fox News yesterday, particularly on their hiring of Donna Brazile. If he means FNC is going towards the left, but not yet of it, he’s right. New management at the very top has affected their coverage. It’s an old journo trick to use the last paragraph or quote of a story to reveal the message you want left with the reader. Check that out with FNC online. You may be unpleasantly surprised.
  • And finally, apparently there’s not much to do in Wales and not much space to do it in. This has caused municipal leaders in Porthcawl to soon install anti-sexual encounter public toilets in the town park. When the porta potty is a rockin’ a loud alarm goes off, sprays whoever is in inside with a blast of cold water, and then throws open the door. Not a bad idea. If only Congress could install a similar gadget on Capitol Hill that would sound an alarm and soak anyone who is in the midst of shtupping the U.S. taxpayer. Have a good week.