Dual Loyalties

By: - August 22, 2019

The Left, in predictable spin without credence, tried to turn President Trump’s warning to Jews about their schizophrenic loyalty to the Dems into a charge that the president engaged in the old anti-Semitic canard of “dual loyalties,” i.e., Jews aren’t fully loyal to America because of their support for Israel.

Really, is that all they got?

Talk about bringing a knife to a gunfight. The Dems brought a squirt pistol to a tank battle. No one, not even Bill Maher, was buying that spin because it was so absurd and glaringly non-consistent with what Trump actually said.

What the president commented upon and meant was that he, and I and any thinking educated person (though, we could cut the Dems some slack here because they tend to go to lower rung anti-intellectual bumpkin colleges where the emphasis is on drooling emotion-driven indoctrination and not learning), wonders how members of the Jewish faith can continue to strongly support a party whose leaders are dedicated to the destruction of the State of Israel.

To be fair, it’s their leaders, not necessarily the rank and file. In fact, in a recent House vote on the anti-Israel BDS movement, 93 percent of Dems voted with Israel and against BDS. Thus another question can be asked. How can a generally not anti-Israeli party continue to harbor in its very public leadership people as virulently bigoted and hateful as Reps. Tlaib and Omar?

The answer is that they’re afraid. They’re cowards.

They’re afraid of the toothless wrath of Tlaib and Omar. They’re afraid of being on the wrong side of trendy hard-left opinion when it comes to Israel.

Most of all, they’re afraid of siding against enemies of the United States. For those enemies, from the North Vietnamese to the Soviets to the Cubans to Islamist fanatics like Tlaib and Omar, are their ideological bread and butter.

Without the very real hatred for this country that corrodes certain Dems like that duo, and almost of all their twisted fellow travelers, (need proof? See Beto’s statement on national racism just on Tuesday) they would have nothing in their understanding left to believe in. With that hatred and bitterness for this nation comes the rest of the diseased ahistorical ideas and political bile that make up their entire reason for being.

As such it is apparent the Democratic Party indeed has only one loyalty and it’s not to America or Israel. It is to their own dark ravenous quest for authoritarian socialist power. Too many Americans misguidedly support this effort by their votes.

The president was only advising a subset, Americans of the Jewish faith, to wake up and realize that the Dems will do anything, including making an alliance with those who hate Israel, to get that power.

Like socialists of the past, that is who the Dems are and how they operate. Unlike some free peoples of the past who ignored socialist anti-Semitism and its hangers on, let’s hope we recognize it and defeat it before it’s too late.