Fake Whistleblowers and Dem Gaffes Top Friday Roundup

By: - September 20, 2019

This has been a hilarious news week evidencing the foolish desperation the left is currently suffering through. Let’s hope it stays that way. To wit:

  • A disgruntled probable holdover from the Obama administration is claiming the president made a “promise” to a foreign leader while on a phone call. The so-called whistleblower went to an Intel community IG and reported him. As a former member of the Intel community, I bloody wonder how it is appropriate for some GS-nothing cog to question the big picture dealings of the POTUS? Was this droid elected to anything, much less is he/she in charge of the national security of the U.S., much less of the Free World? Did they personally hear the call and, if so, how? Did they know the context of the “promise”? If they did, how is this not leaking highly sensitive information? And in negotiations promises are made and broken all the time. So what’s the issue? Of course, there is no issue. This is further harassment by the indigenous DC establishment to give the Dems talking points. Nothing more. We’ve seen it before in the Russian hoax, various hearings, and the obvious coordination between the Dems and the media. It is yet another nothingburger made of partisan fakery.
  • Trump got a victory yesterday as a federal judge in California blocked a CA Dem attempt to keep him off a primary ballot there because he won’t release his tax returns. This blatantly bullsh** move was a Dem maneuver to have a GOP primary, make sure one of the president’s pygmy challengers was on the ballot, and then send that dwarf to the GOP convention with a boatload of CA delegates. No dice, Gavin.
  • Fun to watch the Dems get more nervous by the hour awaiting the drip, drip, drip of reports and new charges against Comey, McCabe, et al. Haven’t seen their hands shake this much since around 9 p.m. on general election night 2016.
  • Where do we go with the Trudeau thing? The whole Haji/Johnny Quest theme is nice; the boy who likes to play dress up is a good angle, as is Zoolander leftist hypocrite mode. And the pics and memes? Priceless. You’d think a guy who knew this was lurking in his closet would not race-hustle so much. But no, Justin just can’t help himself when it comes to his costuming fetish or PC blather. He now gets the just rewards of both.
  • It would occupy us all day and then some to keep up with Biden gaffes. Whether it is inflating female worker numbers to twice the entire U.S. population or the Corn Pop saga, the guy is close to losing it. I mean Margot Kidder hiding in the bushes losing it. At this point his staff are no doubt sending out resumes and making sure he doesn’t go after Warren too hard, as they know she is the smart money. Joe is like Humphrey in ’76, the dying gasp of an old guard.
  • Why is Liz the smart money and how did we call this months ago? Because Bernie was never going to get the nod and all his people were eventually going to see that and swing to Liz. This is because she is just as leftist as Sanders, if not as candid about it. Combine the two socialist robot numbers and you get a level of support way above Joe’s in the modern radicalized Dem party, a group that was never going to nominate a pushing 80 white male quasi-moderate.
  • Both the British and Israeli political scenes are in turmoil. Boris has something up his sleeve. Bibi does not. Look for the British PM to get a victory out of the mess. Sadly, the same is not true for Bibi. I hope I am wrong about the Israeli, as when our disgraced 44th president was in power Netanyahu was the resonant voice of the Free World and did well at it.
  • If we respond to Iran’s attack on the Saudi oil fields it will be a tit for tat. Likely the move will be bombing and/or a cruise missile strike on Iranian oil facilities, maybe a military target or two as well. The mullahs will squawk and puff out their thin chests in anger and do nothing else.
  • The failed New York Times hit on Brett Kavanaugh was so lame, so bereft of accuracy, such a weak dog’s breakfast of a smear that it is a wonder fish don’t retch in embarrassment at being wrapped in the newspaper. There was a day when the old gray slattern knew how to conduct a proper factless ad hominem hit on a pol. The Pentagon papers, Watergate, and Iran-Contra are all examples of left-wing psyops that worked for their editorial goals. But that was when adult leftists were in charge. Now the comical collection of pre-adolescent PC gorgons, wee wonkish Bolshie lads, and angst-ridden talentless hacks couldn’t efficiently libel their way out of a paper bag.
  • And finally, Ed Buck. Do we really have to say any more than, Ed Buck? This shining example of Dem power, grace, and leadership did have one thing going for him: I guess if you give that party that much money, in CA the first two murders are on the house. Have a good weekend.