Friendliest Dog Breeds

By: - November 14, 2018

Most people love dogs because of their friendly and playful personalities. Although most dogs are sweet and friendly, especially if they were raised in a loving family, some breeds are known to be extremely friendly and outgoing. Here is a list of the friendliest dog breeds.

1. Irish Setter


Irish Setters are very outgoing and friendly dogs that are great with families. They do need a lot of playtime and exercise because they can become bored and destructive.

2. Labrador Retriever

Labs are great with families and kids and they love to play. Labrador retrievers are known as energetic, smart and friendly dogs. They can gain weight quickly so it’s important to track their food and exercise.

3. Golden Retriever


Golden retrievers are eager to please which makes them highly trainable. Goldens are also very friendly with other animals as well as people which makes them a great choice for families with kids or other animals in the house. They are reliable, lovable and friendly dogs.

4. Beagle


Beagles are very social dogs, so they actually like the companionship of other dogs or a lot of quality time with their humans. Beagles are friendly, lively, sweet and gentle. They love to play which makes them the perfect match for adventurous kids.


5. Boxer


Don’t let boxers appearance scare you off. Boxers love to play and go on walks. They are known as loyal, smart, energetic and friendly dogs. They are highly trainable and can do well in an apartment only if they get enough exercise. They are also very social and outgoing dogs that are great with kids.

6. Siberian Husky


Siberian Huskies are very intelligent and independent dogs, which might make training just a little bit tough because they might only listen to a command if it makes sense to them. Huskies easily get along with other family members including pets, though they may be aggressive to unknown dogs or cats. Overall, Siberian huskies are very friendly, gently and outgoing.

7. Flat-Coated Retriever


Flat-coated retrievers enjoy living indoors with their family. These dogs do not like to be separated from their family. They are very loving and a great family dog. They also love activities such as hunting or swimming.

8. Rat Terrier


Rat terriers are a smaller breed of dog. They do require a decent amount of activity. Rat terriers love to play or just run around with their great amounts of energy. They are great with kids and other animals as well.

9. Field Spaniel


If field spaniels receive daily exercise, they make great family pets. The are eager to please. Field spaniels are social, family-oriented and affectionate dogs that are great with kids.

10. English Foxhound


English foxhounds do require a lot of exercise and can act up if they don’t get enough exercise. They are not good dogs to have in an apartment, but do great if they have a lot of land to stay very active.


11. American Foxhound


American foxhounds are large dogs and do very well indoors. They are loving, sweet tempered and loyal dogs. American foxhounds can get along with other pets if they are raised with them, but introducing them as an adult may be hard to adapt to. They are very high-energy dogs and are good with kids.

12. Australian Bulldog


The Australian bulldog has a very loving and easy-going personality. They love to play and love their family and are very loyal to them. They can make good watchdogs as well. Training wise, they need very confident and consistent training.

13. English Shepherd


English shepherds love to play and need plenty of exercise or they can become destructive from the lack of stimulation. They are very friendly and playful but are also independent and bossy, so this means their owners need to be confident and strong leaders to them.

14. Goldendoodle


A goldendoodle is a mix of a golden retriever and standard poodle and can come in miniature, medium and standard sizes. Goldendoodles are a mix of two different breeds so they can show characteristics of both breeds and it is not guaranteed what traits they will adopt. These dogs are very social and outgoing and great with families.

15. Small Munsterlander


Small munsterlander are medium sized dogs that love to hunt and are great swimmers. Small munsterlander are very trainable with positive and gentle training, but might become resistant if you are overly stern. They get along with pretty much everyone and are very loving dogs.

16. Swedish Vallhund


The swedish vallhund are known to be very vocal dogs, they have even been given their own “language” called “argle bargle.” This language is something that is unique to the swedish vallhund. They are also known as very fun and friendly dogs.

17. Basset Hound


Basset hounds love to go on walks and sniff around on the trail. They are very easy going with kids and friendly, affectionate and sweet dogs. They are medium sized dogs with floppy ears.

18. Norwegian Buhund


Norwegian buhunds do require exercise as they are extremely active dogs. They always need to get in a daily jog or walk. They are also very energetic and friendly dogs who are great with kids and good dogs for a family.

19. Harrier


Harriers like to hunt and roam so they shouldn’t be off a leash in an unsafe area. They can also be quite reserved with people or animals they don’t know. Harriers are very friendly, tolerant and cheerful dogs which makes them get along really well with kids.

20. Chinook


Chinooks are very people friendly dogs and are really great with kids and eager to please, which makes them a great family dog. They are very alert, calm and friendly dogs. Chinooks are also a rare breed, so hang on to them!

21. Bearded Collie


Bearded collies get along with everyone, human or animal. They are a naturally very lively and affectionate and loving breed.

22. Boston Terriers


Boston terriers are the best of both worlds, they love to play and they love to cuddle too. They are very happy and social dogs with lots of energy. They are also loyal and easy going dogs as well.

23. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel


Cavalier king charles spaniel are companion dogs. They love cuddling and spending time with their human and demand a lot of attention. They are very friendly and easy to train as well.

24. English Bulldog


English bulldog might sound intimidating, but they are quite the opposite. They are very sweet and gentle and great with kids. They are dependable dogs that love to spend time with their families and others as well.