Large Aussie Family Gets Exception for Father’s Funeral

By: - March 25, 2020

A mourning Australian family with 11 children, which just lost its father, was forced to apply to Prime Minister Scott Morrison for an exception to the 10-person gathering restriction that included funerals.

Australia has issued a restriction with a penalty of $20,000 fine, but a Victorian father of 11’s funeral will now have all members in attendance Thursday after appealing to Morrison, according to a local report.

“It’s made it a really hard process, it feels really difficult,” the man’s daughter Carolyn told the radio station. “It feels like we can’t move on with grieving because we’ve got constant barriers that we’re stepping over.”

The family had been told the funeral was limited to 10 attendees before the radio station facilitated the appeal to Morrison, per the report.

“I’m really touched with your determination and effort, because no one else has been able to help us,” she told the radio station.

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