Mother and Child Reunion

By: - September 12, 2019

When a child leaves the nest you expect a bit of ups and downs as they learn the ropes of life. You also expect there will be those in the real world who will show them malice and try to injure their ambitions.

But you usually do not think it will be the same people you have to deal with, especially when the kid is over two hundred years old.

So it is with our Mother Country and the United States, as those lined up against the president and those lined up against UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Brexit increasingly seem like the same effete types only separated by an ocean.

It’s not just our common Bolshie Brigades, the hysterics who abuse logic and reason as often as other people take a breath. From the top on down it’s close to the identical motley assortment of limousine leftists and Vichy conservatives who stand in the way of both duly elected national leaders.

Here, a president who should be lauded on the economy, over his geopolitical acumen, on his championship of border security (all aspects of his administration that sit well with the electorate), is pilloried by the likes of Warren, Sanders, and Pelosi as just this side of the former German führer.

Across the pond, the man who is merely trying to enact what the entire nation solidly approved over three years ago is being derided as a dictator by the same wet Tories and positively soaking Leftists who are doing everything in their capacity to grab power and erase the will of the people.

Sound familiar?

The Brexit Remainers kowtow to the EU. Dems worship the gods of political correctness. Never-Trumpers need a paycheck. All three find joy in any sclerosis that will benefit themselves and they look down on voters as pleb pawns to be manipulated. They will spare us no idiocy, no worn platitudes, no absurd comparisons in their haste to veto what their respective countries have voted for.

Here the people endorsed the leadership of Donald Trump and his rebellion against the DC establishment. There they gave their assent to a break away from thralldom to the EU and to a restoration of British sovereignty. Two nations, two leaders, locked in political combat against the age-old despotisms of socialists and self-serving cowards.

Though the president is having a good week and the PM is not, the struggle for both will twist and turn over an extended period. Let us hope they stay united through national bonds of blood and alliance. And as before for America and the UK, let them stand fast through the crucible of fire that leads to victory.