Mueller Team Cashes In After Hunting Trump

By: - August 15, 2019

One thing you have to remember about DC, here many people take care of their own. By many people, I mean Dems.

Sure, the GOP lives by connections too. But to move ahead there you need to have at minimum the patina of qualifications and merit. That, and your family needs to be major donors.

However, the Dems play by somewhat different rules. With them, like a proper combat unit, you fight and higher headquarters sees to it that eventually you come off the line and into decent R&R.

So it is with the highly partisan, yet unsuccessful, team that manned the Mueller witch hunt. Like Christine Blasey Ford before them, they will get awards and land in high clover for services rendered, win or lose.

Michael Dreeben of the team got a cushy slot at Georgetown Law. Andrew Weissmann, number two to Mueller, got a twofer. He gets a billet at NYU Law and a book deal. Jeannie Rhee gets a partnership at a top law firm. Andrew Goldstein nabs a sweet partnership too. The list goes on.

DC is a company town and that company is big government. And for that firm? Business is always booming. Thus, there are always comfy job openings for even the worst and the dimmest who will toe the line.

But when you’re a populist and nationalist president who comes into town owing almost nobody and you set your sights to drain the nanny state PC swamp, the powers that be on both sides will gun for you. Disliking the president is an ecumenical sport in this city.

Dems hate him for the obvious reasons: he unexpectedly beat the tar out of them in 2016 and continues to outrage them by his victories. Some Republicans disdain him, while trying to use his coattails in the right quarters, because he embarrasses them with their Dem friends at U Street bars and other trendoid Washington hangouts.

Thus to be anti-Trump, regardless of where you work or who signs your paycheck, is oh soooo DC chic.

To a lot of the rest of the country he’s a meh-plus.

They know his faults, like his habit of driving the left bonkers, and love the results of his administration. So far at least.

That’s why virtually the only place you see MAGA hats around here are on tourists. Lucky for the president that they, not exclusively his townie detractors, will decide the next election.

Funny thing that way, a republic.