O’Rourke Says America is a Racist Country and Always Has Been

By: - August 9, 2019

Pity pathetic little Beto.

He is slipping and slipping in the polls. So, like any desperate punter searching for a miracle, he decides to see the bet of the race-hustlers and raise them by declaring on Wednesday that the U.S. “has been racist since it’s been a country.”

Now, let’s put aside for the moment that when he was a congressman from Texas he more than once ran for the opportunity and then served a government, which by his own definition was “racist.”

Also put aside 300,000 Union dead who ended slavery and over 400,000 U.S. military deaths in WWII fighting the racist evils of Nazism and Japanese imperialism.

Apparently, those don’t count. Especially when you’re attacking the POTUS.

It’s interesting: I’ve found that anytime you ask someone who makes this charge what the president has specifically said or done to label him a racist they usually fall back on the travel ban and border security.

However, Dem presidents, specifically Jimmy Carter and the disgraced 44th president respectively, have done the exact same things. Is Beto trying to say they were racists? Hmmm, might have to agree with the sad lad on that.

When you press them after shooting that down they bring up Trump’s “hateful rhetoric.” When you ask them what exact quotes they are referring to, they bring up campaign talk on border security and Charlottesville.

Well, all then-candidate Trump said was that murderers and rapists have come across the southern border because of lax security. This is a fact proven time and time again when he said it and since. Merely crime stats. Though can’t quote facts that get in the way of hard-left ideology, now can we?

Charlottesville? The president said there were good people on both sides. And there were. There were those legitimately opposing what they saw as hate and those there nobly standing up for their regional heritage. There were also those who showed up to create trouble and who despise this country and its best ideals. Funny how the Dems never talk about all sides of that coin, eh?

In fact, that day, when the Charlottesville march was going on, I happened to be at VMI in Lexington, VA, with a friend. While she was attending to business, I was walking around the town. I chanced upon a graveyard and the tomb of Stonewall Jackson.

As I sat on a bench contemplating it, a mom and son came by and went up to the tomb. I heard the woman tell her son that their ancestors had fought for the South and that good people can mistakenly fight for bad causes. She said we can’t rewrite history, good or bad, because we don’t like the outcome or the players. Thus, she finished; they were there paying honor to the man, not to the evil cause of slavery or even to the Confederacy.

That was a wise mom.

Men of sniveling political stature like Beto O’Rourke should heed her and also at least listen to the current president of the United States without interpreting his words through a prism of loathing and bitterness directed at this country.

But if they did, they wouldn’t be modern Democrats.

More’s the pity.