Protected Classes

By: - August 20, 2019

It is a strange facet of the Left that they have reduced entire peoples and groups to the status of politically correct automatons capable of doing no harm, always in the right, but also always the victims of somebody or something.

As such, they deny said people and groups basic humanity by using them as robotic pawns to make a political point, not accepting them as fully human and thus capable of both good and evil. They infantilize these groups into perfect little toddlers only worthy of praise because children can be directed easier than can thinking adults.

When the Left is called at that game with logic or facts they will lapse into inchoate rage and spout indoctrination lamely trying to change the subject. They will do anything but discuss the question on intellectual merits. Raw unfiltered personalized emotion is their only language. Though regardless of their emotive programming, the facts don’t change. Which brings us, not for the first time, to the gay vs. Islam question.

Yesterday the Palestinian Authority banned gay rights groups from holding events in the PA-run portion of the West Bank. Gays and their lifestyle were called “harmful” to Islamic ideals. Furthermore, it was said by the PA that such groups “create discord and harm civic peace in Palestinian society.”

Islam is not traditionally welcoming to gays and, when not throwing them off roofs or publicly decapitating those arrested for homosexual practices, tends to take a dim view of this specific minority.

We may remember a similar issue when an Islamist terrorist shot up a gay club in Orlando. But hold on, they are both protected classes of the Left. What’s a Bolshie to do?

Gays are seen by Dems and their clique as perennial victims of straights, Republicans, Trump, and anything else that fits the Leftist agenda of the moment. The more important thing to the Left is that gays see themselves as victims and that the resultant resentment and bitterness can be channeled into spite-driven loyalty.

Islamist groups are portrayed to be the sad blameless victims of (of course) Donald Trump, Israel, the West, Christians, Israel (can’t overplay that card), and whatever enables the PA to fatten their Swiss accounts. Sure, the PA regularly incites the murders of innocent Israelis, harbors terrorists, and supports enemies of the West.

But that doesn’t mean the Jew-bating duo of Reps. Tlaib and Omar won’t shed copious tears in their defense. In fact, those harpies defend them exactly because they do those things.

But whither the gays?

For who gets the port side advantage, them or the oppressed Palestinians? Playing by their own rules, is the Left homophobic or Islamophobic?

When are the Dems going to denounce the PA or the LGBT crowd? Both can’t be right on this. Now, substitute any conservative or indeed Western target for either side and the denunciations would come loud and quick from the usual socialist suspects.

Upset the Islamist lobby? Nancy Pelosi will call you a racist. Deny a gay group the right to hold an event? AOC will label you as one of Satan’s spawn. Do either and/or say anything negative about any protected class and some confused and hysterical college sophomore will consign you do the depths of the ideological nether regions only inhabitable by Republicans and anyone over thirty.

But they can’t quite play that out this time.

They gotta pick their favorite pawn over the other to uphold in righteous victimhood. Or they can just ignore the whole thing and hope their pals in the press will once again gloss over their hypocrisies and double standards.

This is done secure in the knowledge that objective data takes a back seat to emotion and thought conformity for the modern Left and especially for its gullible, logically-challenged, and life experience-deficient younger minions.

So why shouldn’t the Left go down that route? After all, the only obstacles are the facts, a minor impediment to them and one they’ve long and eagerly made every effort to surmount.