Radio Host Michael Savage Receives White House Appointment

By: - March 26, 2020

President Trump appointed Michael A Weiner, PhD, better known to his radio listeners as Michael Savage, to sit as a Member of the Board of Directors of the Presidio Trust.

The White House made the announcement Thursday along with several other appointments.

In addition to hosting a popular syndicated talk radio program called “Savage Nation,” he’s a frequent Newsmax TV contributor and Newsmax columnist.

The Presidio Trust, created by Congress in 1996, oversees the preservation of one of San Francisco’s most revered tourist draws — the Presidio, a former U.S. Army fort turned national park located near the Golden Gate Bridge.

“President Trump saw [my] environmental background and asked if I would like to serve on The Presidio Trust,” Savage said, according to The Washington Times. “I hope to help save this great legacy while also reminding the public of the military significance of this land.”

The appointment appears tailor-made for Savage. Although born in The Bronx, New York, he moved to northern California to study for his PhD at University of California at Berkeley, and has remained there ever since. Although he has homes elsewhere, his recording studio is located in San Francisco.

In addition, he has a huge interest in conservation and preservation. In 1975 he authored “Plant a Tree: A Working Guide to Regreening America.” He’s also written extensively on nutrition and herbal medicine, making use of his doctorate in ethnobotanical research.

Savage was born on March 31, 1942, to immigrant parents, and rose to become one of the strongest conservative political voices on talk radio.

The Presidio is short for the name given to the fort when it was established in 1776 — El Presidio Real de San Francisco, meaning The Royal Fortress of Saint Francis.

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