Rep. McCarthy: House Will Likely Debate, Pass Stimulus Bill Friday

By: - March 26, 2020

The House likely will pass the $2 trillion coronavirus stimulus bill Friday, and there will be debate even without the full body being present, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy said Thursday.

“I believe the House will pass this bill,” the California Republican said on Fox News’ “Fox and Friends.” “We want to make sure we are able to read it. The final text did not come out until last night. Remember the size and the scope of how much money this is, so we will take the opportunity to read through it today.”

The floor will look different, though, as there are a “number of members’ on both sides of the aisle who have coronavirus, there are several who are quarantined, and others who will have trouble getting to Washington, D.C., because flights are being canceled, said McCarthy.

“But you want to make sure you have the debate and those constituents have their voices,” said McCarthy. “It will pass, but this time not with the unanimous consent with no debate. We will have a debate and then we will have a voice vote to bring it up and move it to the president’s desk.”

He added that it is unfortunate that “we have wasted this entire week” because of Democrats’ calls to add so many agenda items to the initial bill, including election law changes, pension bailouts, and the Green New Deal. 

For small business owners, the bill will mean help is on the way because part of their loans will be forgiven if they use the money to keep paying their rent and employees, said McCarthy. 

There has been some talk of additional rescue packages, but McCarthy called for Congress to “take a deep breath.”

“This would be the third bill,” he said. “Let’s let this work inside America. I know with the ingenuity, the intensity, and the inspiration we can overcome.”

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