Rules of the Game and Biden/Ukraine

By: - September 24, 2019

Witness today’s blood in the water attitude of the Dems over the Ukrainian call. Oh my, this one is real, they seem to say. After, of course, spending a couple of years saying the Russian hoax was real.

This move is only the sequel to that and they have had this up their sleeve for months, as soon as they realized the Mueller thing was going nowhere. They then conducted a thorough review and learned from their Russian hoax mistakes.

You must remember that just because the Dems are ideologically repugnant do not sell short their operational capabilities. I personally know some of these people. When it comes to ops and empirical analysis of such, they are very sharp.

It’s weird. Their political fast guns are in almost inverse proportion to their ideological stupidity. But then, when you’re on the shooting end of this game politics means only one thing: getting your guy or woman in office and keeping them there. You use whatever ideology or gimmick that will work with the district you’re fighting in. Personally, to most people who do this for a living, ideology means jack merde.

So regardless of their seeming hype this morning, this is a very normal DC SOP play. It’s an inoculation, one of the basic rules of the game.

If there was a DC Sun Tzu, for the purposes of this piece I’ll take on the noble moniker of Kam Dzu, he would have written, “Inoculate yourself against a coming scandal by taking a part of that scandal and turning it around on your opponent by charging him with it.”

Or put simply: Change the subject then attack the messenger.

The Clintons did it beautifully on their own impeachment deal. Remember what they did to Ken Starr? Suddenly it was all about Starr and not about Clinton. Classic.

Here, the Dems got together and they knew Trump had this Biden/Ukraine deal in his pocket and was waiting until Biden got the Dem nod. Then he’d spring it next October. The storied October Surprise.

So they came up with this concept, found a patsy to execute it, and viola! A potential headache is now turned into a plus amplified by a lapdog press. They’re hoping the voting public gets controversy fatigue over Trump if an impeachment trial is going on during the presidential election year. They might even time the trial to take place over the GOP convention.

The funny thing is, when it actually comes down to facts this is even lighter than the Russian thing. The supposed whistleblower admits they didn’t even hear the call themselves. This is also SOP, as it gives them plausible deniability. If the whole thing goes belly up they can claim they were misled by a third party who leaked the info to them.

All a normal day in the Imperial City. It’s what passes for sports around here. And in this spread?

I’ll take Trump and seven. That should cover.