Rumors of a Warren/Booker Fix Top Friday Roundup

By: - August 23, 2019

It’s almost here, the weekend. Summer is about to close and next weekend is Labor Day. How dare they make you come into the office at all. So there you sit on Friday, moving your hand to mimic actually working, staring blankly at the computer screen as you once in a while look focused so passersby will think you are concentrating on the tasks at hand. Nah, you just want it to be over.

And it will be in several hours. But until then you have to read something on that computer screen, at least for the sake of pretense. It might as well be Friday Roundup…

  • Political parties hate primaries. Oh sure they have to aid and abet them. However, they primarily see primaries as a waste of time and money better spent against the bad guys. Naturally, as we saw with the Dems in 2016, they’ll try to put the fix in to hurry the thing along. The Dems may be trying the same thing this time, according to campaign sources who frequent certain DC watering holes. And who are they favoring? Not some white male, that is made clear by every word reportedly spoken in the corridors of the DNC. There is a litmus test at Dem HQ. You’d better be female and being “of color” helps too. Thus you would think Harris is a lock. She may have been a prospective one at a recent point, as Team Hillary generally migrated over there. But her disappointing debate, poll, and now donor numbers have rubbed the glow off that rose. Warren is shrill, hard left, humorless, and has a womb. All much like many of the main players at DNC. Booker is black, obsequious, race-obsessed, shameless, and testosterone-lite. All required qualifications for a male Dem and certainly nice creds to play sanctimonious second fiddle. Said campaign sources are within efforts other than Harris and Booker and inside the DNC itself. The DNC honchettes are scared to death of a Biden nomination, as they think Trump will handily beat him, especially in the debates. With the economy, according to them, headed south and Trump likely to be blamed for it, they feel a Biden nod throws away a golden opportunity. They are thus starting to coalesce against him and for the duo. Stay tuned…
  • A couple of days ago the 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals dealt a nasty blow to the effort to destroy the electoral college. In a 2-1 decision they said states couldn’t force electors to vote either for the popular vote winner or the electoral vote winner, the latter being the traditional accepted practice. Of course, this could mean that electors could trash precedent and vote for whomever they please. Then the SCOTUS would step in. Oh, fun.
  • Dem Jerry Nadler hit fellow Dems Omar and Tlaib yesterday in a statement decrying anti-Semitism. This has Pelosi’s fingerprints all over it. The gorgons mentioned will respond in kind. Jolly good show.
  • The Dems are nothing if not consistent in their loathing for America and those who protect her. One of their pet pundits, the obscure Hasan Piker, lauded the “brave soldier” who made the IED that cost GOP Rep. and combat vet Dan Crenshaw his eye in Afghanistan. Fawning over terrorists who try to kill Americans is the usual Dem mode and has been for over fifty years. But it’s always nice to be reminded who they really are.
  • And finally, an attractive California co-ed in her junior year, who shall mercifully go nameless in this column, sent pics to her mom of her new college dorm room. Normal stuff between mom and daughter. Amongst the hideous throw pillows and other mismatched décor was, affixed to the bed’s headboard, well, ummm, handcuffs. Mom was not amused and called the items “very freshman year.” Really? Freshman girls, with maternal approval, are that…ahem…cough…interesting in CA? Perhaps I’ve been too hard on the Left Coast. Dad could not be reached for comment, as he was in the garage searching for a noose. Have a good weekend.