The Biggest Colleges in America

By: - September 12, 2018

America has all different types of colleges. Some are small private schools with a close knit student body and others are extremely large public universities with hundreds of clubs. Hundreds of thousands of students go through the doors of college campuses every year all around the country. Here are the 30 biggest schools in America right now.

30. University of Maryland – College Park


Location: College Park, Maryland

Size: 29,868

UM-College Park athletic teams have received 42 national championship awards. Basketball is one of the most popular sports at the university. The basketball team has been in two final four games as well as winning a national championship in 2002.

29. University of Wisconsin – Madison


Location: Madison, Wisconsin

Size: 29,931

MTV premiered a show called College Life about the lives of several UW-Madison freshman students. The students would do the filming themselves but not the editing. UW-Madison pulled its support from the show during production and a disclaimer appeared at the beginning of each episode claiming the university does not endorse the program.

28. University of California – Davis


Location: Davis, California

Size: 30,066

UCD offers many unique student-run clubs and organizations that students can participate in. Unitrans is campus bus system that is also driven by students. The Bike Barn sells and rents bicycles as well as repairs.


27. Brigham Young University


Location: Provo, Utah

Size: 30,393

BYU is the only private university on this list and is owned by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. About 99 percent of students enrolled at BYU are members of the LDS church. BYU students must agree to following an honor code that follows LDS teachings.

26. Iowa State University


Location: Ames, Iowa

Size: 30,406

Iowa State University is where the first electronic digital computer was invented. The ABC (Atanasoff-Berry Computer) was created by Professor John Atanasoff and graduate student Clifford Berry. ABC includes elements of modern computing and a working replica of the ABC can be viewed at the Durham Computation Center on campus.

25. University of Washington – Seattle


Location: Seattle, Washington

Size: 30,475

UW has one of the most diverse student bodies in the United States with about 33 percent of students being members of different minority groups with the largest group being Asian Americans.

24. University of California – Berkeley


Location: Berkeley, California

Size: 30,574

Berkeley has an incredible library system. There are a total of 32 libraries on campus making up the fourth largest academic library in the US. The library system at Berkeley has been growing at an extremely quick rate.

23. University of South Florida


Location: Tampa, Florida

Size: 30,984

USF has 24 dining locations on campus. There are three dining halls as well as several fast food options on campus as well. USF also houses the only Ben & Jerry’s in the Tampa area.


22. University of California – Los Angeles


Location: Los Angeles, California

Size: 31,002

UCLA is right in the center of all the movie making magic so it’s obvious that it is a popular site for filming. UCLA campus has been featured in many movies such as Legally Blonde, The Nutty Professor, Bring It On Again as well as several other popular films.

21. Purdue University


Location: West Lafayette, Indiana

Size: 31,006

Purdue University offers several annual events on campus for students to participate in. These include Boiler Gold Rush, Purdue University Dance Marathon, Spring Fest and Grand Prix. All of these events are interactive and fun for the students.

20. University of Minnesota – Twin Cities


Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota

Size: 31,535

UM has several different types of student-run media on campus ranging from print to radio to television. Print media offers The Minnesota Daily, The Wake Student Magazine and The Minnesota Republic while radio just has Radio K. UM also has a few shows that have been broadcast on local PBS station.


19. California State University – Long Beach


Location: Long Beach, California

Size: 32,246

CSULB’s campus is on 323 acres of land with 84 buildings. CSULB also has its very own US zip code, 90840. The campus is also only about three miles away from the beach.

18. Florida State University


Location: Tallahassee, Florida

Size: 32,412

FSU has more than 700 student clubs and organizations that students are able to participate in. The clubs range from several different interests and hobbies from athletics to academics, there is sure to be something for everyone. Students are also able to create their own club if they can’t find something to fit their tastes.

17. University of Alabama


Location: Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Size: 33,305

When UA first opened, it was a small campus of just seven buildings. Today, the University of Alabama’s campus consists of 297 buildings on 1,970-acres of land. UA also plans to buy more land to support a growing student body.

16. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign


Location: Champaign County, Illinois

Size: 33,467

UIUC’s campus was rated a grade B for sustainability in 2011. The campus new buildings are now LEED gold standard. As of right now, UIUC has 11 LEED certified buildings. Three are platinum certified, three are gold and the rest are silver.

15. Indiana University – Bloomington


Location: Bloomington, Indiana

Size: 33,481

Indiana University has over 20 libraries on campus. Herman B. Wells Library was formerly known as the Main Library until June 2005 and renamed after the universities former president.

14. Texas State University


Location: San Marcos, Texas

Size: 34,206

The Texas State University has been through several name changes since first opening their doors in 1899. The first change came in 1916 to Southwest Texas State Normal College and has been changed a few times since then. TSU officially became Texas State University – San Marcos in 2003.

13. University of Arizona


Location: Tucson, Arizona

Size: 35,123

The University of Arizona and Arizona State University have a big rivalry. The University of Arizona holds the all time record for wins against Arizona State University in men’s basketball and football. The territorial cup is the trophy that is awarded after each game and is distinguished by the NCAA to be the nations oldest rivalry cup.

12. California State University – Fullerton


Location: Fullerton, California

Size: 35,552

CSUF is the second largest school in California and the third most applied to school in the state receiving about 65,000 applications an academic year and has about a 45 percent acceptance rate.

11. Rutgers University – New Brunswick


Location: New Brunswick, New Jersey

Size: 36,168

Rutgers University in New Brunswick, New Jersey is a school full of traditions. Grease Trucks is a group of food trucks serving all different types of food such as Middle-Eastern food, traditional grill fare and sandwiches. Another tradition is the Dance Marathon. A student-run fundraiser that ends with 32 hours of standing and no sleeping to raise money for Embrace Kids Foundation.

10. Michigan State University


Location: East Lansing, Michigan

Size: 38,996

MSU is the biggest university in Michigan and is located in East Lansing, Michigan. MSU also runs a small campus in Dubai that offers two different master’s programs. One being a master’s in public health and the other is a master’s in human resources and labor relations.

9. University of Florida


Location: Gainesville, Florida

Size: 39,565

The University of Florida ended their early decision program in 2007 to allow economic diversity with their students. UF’s application deadline is November 1st.

8. California State University – Northridge


Location: Los Angeles, California

Size: 39,916

CSUN offers several different locations of interest on campus. A popular spot on campus is The Oasis Wellness Center. The center includes power-napping sleep pods, nutrition classes, yoga and massage therapy. The goal of the center is to give student a place of peace.

7. University of Texas – Austin


Location: Austin, Texas

Size: 40,168

UT Austin has a very impressive set of sports teams. UT Austin has won 50 national title and 42 of them being NCAA national championships. The Longhorn baseball team has made 35 trips to the college world series which is more than any other school.

6. Pennsylvania State University – University Park


Location: College Park, Pennsylvania

Size: 40,552

Penn State offers several student clubs and organizations as well as student-run media. The on-campus media includes the annual student yearbook, a student-run radio station, a student-run newspaper, a student-run news website covering news from the Penn State community, and a humor magazine.

5. Florida International University


Location: Miami, Florida

Size: 41,852

FIU is listed as one of the toughest grading systems nationally and ranked first in energy conservation and sustainability for nine years in a row. FIU was also ranked number 7 in the country as one of the best values in higher public education in 2015.

4. Arizona State University – Tempe


Location: Tempe, Arizona

Size: 42,427

ASU is located in Tempe, Arizona and the largest university in Arizona. ASU offers more than 250 undergraduate majors and over 100 graduate programs. All these programs are sorted into 16 different colleges.

3. Ohio State University


Location: Columbus, Ohio

Size: 52,517

Ohio State University’s campus is sat on 1,764 acre piece of land and just 2.5 miles north of downtown Columbus. Ohio State’s Hayes Hall, Ohio Stadium, Hale Hall and Orton Hall are listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Ohio also has 21 libraries on campus and 38 on-campus residence halls.

2. Texas A&M University – College Station


Location: College Station, Texas

Size: 53,065

TAMU is the largest university in Texas and boosts over 1000 student organizations or clubs! Meaning there is absolutely something for every student that walks through campus.

1. University of Central Florida


Location: Orlando, Florida

Size: 56,972

UCF opened its doors in 1968 and has quickly become the largest university in the state of Florida and one of the largest in the country. The large student body is supported by more than 10,150 faculty and staff and over 400 student clubs and organizations.