The Politics of Dorian, Tops Monday Briefing

By: - September 2, 2019

If you’re not from my home state of Florida and thus stockpiling water and batteries, hope you’re having a good Labor Day. Though it’s kind of a commie holiday, there are the barbecues, beers, and beaches to compensate for its Bolshie genesis. Sometime in between those perhaps news and analysis may interest you. As such…

This is Monday Briefing:

  • As I mentioned, being a Floridian I’ve been through my share of hurricanes. Being a former Red Cross grunt, I was in Louisiana less than a week after Katrina hit in 2005 to assist with the recovery effort. Stayed there for Rita. Even did my bit in Sandy several years ago. At Katrina I saw firsthand, for a time I was assigned to the Red Cross Government Liaison Office, how an incompetent Dem mayor and governor made the situation worse before a decent but essentially hands-off GOP president stepped up and did a good job when it mattered. So we’re seeing Dems trying to take advantage of natural phenomena again by slagging the president before Dorian even hits our shores. Though the treasury is flush with disaster relief funds, these leftist ghouls are happily predicting corpses they can lay at the feet of Trump because he transferred some disaster relief overage to protecting the U.S. from the long-term worse flooding of illegal immigration. Their merry hope for hurricane casualties showcases how much the Dems care about those affected by the storm, how much they care about America.
  • Low-rent Robespierre Bernie Sanders is telling successful Americans, while calling them “corrupt and lazy,” to quickly spend money they earned back from the Trump tax break because Sanders and his sans-culottes are coming for it. Key phrase being: earned back. What Bernie and his actual communist pals don’t get is that it’s not their money and never was. It was earned by, as opposed to Sanders and his ilk who don’t earn but merely take, real people who work in real jobs. It was appropriated from them by an inefficient and grasping public sector to spend on sundry absurdities and frivolities amongst other, granted, legitimate projects. Trump tax policies are just the restitution of money grabbed in some of that legally sanctioned mugging.
  • The German anti-immigration political party AFD won their biggest vote totals yet in two state elections in the eastern part of the country. But it’s too little too late for Germany. They have 2-3 generations left in the West, max.
  • On this Labor Day labor boss Richard Trumka of the AFL-CIO is not happy with Dem healthcare plans, as they would abolish the health benefits he and his union have fought for lo these many years. If the hard-left Dems have their way in this a lot more labor votes could dry up for them, not to mention the loss in labor moolah the Dems could take over the SCOTUS Janus decision of June last year. Now, I have no problem with the trade union rank and file. Have known some of those people and while we may disagree on politics they are generally stand-up guys. But the white collar unions, the AFSCME types? Scum of the Earth, lowest of low, so deep down the abyss of political depravity and moral corruption that the depth is virtually unfathomable. Can’t wait for, perhaps the only bright spot if Dem healthcare would pass, the many white collar sheep who support “universal” health to have to wait in Venezuelan-type lines to get the use of an old tongue depressor or an overly utilized needle from the local health commissar. The commissars themselves, of course, and the elected Dems who currently promote the legislation, would have the best of private care. After all, socialism is always bad for people, but great for socialists.
  • And finally, in upcoming holiday news I visited a Wawa here in Annapolis, MD, and the deli staff knew not of the approaching holy advent of…wait for it…The Gobbler. For the uninitiated in holiday food benighted sections of America, that Wawa sandwich delight is easily the best part of the run up and immediate aftermath of Thanksgiving, such are its magical and restorative gastronomic powers. For them to be ignorant, even at this early date, of the entire Thanksgiving meal in one sandwich concept, there are but two civilized consequences: full immersion in Gobblerlore and mandatory consumption of average gas station coffee. Have a good Labor Day and week.