The Rogue Parliament

By: - September 4, 2019

The British Parliament yesterday voted to delay Brexit and probably force a general election. They did this by rebelling against itself, as the very same parliament is run by a government it itself elected into power.

Yes, I know.

Now we here on this side of the pond talk of the conflict between Leftist elitists and conservative populists, between entrenched interests and the people.

But trust me guys, our differences are small potatoes compared to the chasm that opened up in London on Tuesday. As you know, the Brits passed Brexit over three years ago. The prime minister that followed, who took over to replace the one that resigned over the loss of his anti-Brexit faction, had to resign herself when it became obvious she was lying to the public and was trying to sabotage Brexit all along.

Boris Johnson was recently elected PM by his party, the Conservatives, to finally bring about Brexit. Or so we thought.

However, yesterday around thirty of them sided with the anti-Brexit opposition parties to rebel against the British people, the election results, and their own party. When one of them left the Conservative Party, the Johnson government lost its razor-thin majority thus triggering an election scenario. It’s their third national election in three years.

This betrayal of the vote and people has been abetted by John Bercow, the supposedly neutral Speaker of the House. He has blatantly sided with the opposition and brought disgrace to his name and office.

The whole opposition lot has basically gone rogue.

This is because, per what we mentioned above, the elite (really a pseudo-elite) have banded together in a final push to take control of the nation away from Johnson and the pro-Brexit forces who are only trying to do the job they were elected to do. It’s funny, as we saw in the Russian hoax here, any time the elitist Left loses an election they just ignore the results and plot to overturn their loss by other means. It shows the very real contempt they have for voters and democracy. Only there, they are not trying to hide it anymore.

In the UK today, the pretense to representing the people has been shed by the Brexit opposition. All that is left is the diseased husk of their mad grab for power.

Johnson will try to thwart them by calling an October 14th election —you can do that on short notice there— and hoping the people will make the opposition pay for ignoring their will as expressed by Brexit. He has a good shot. He has also kicked the rebels out of the Conservative Party.

As you read this the elitist opposition to Johnson is trying to further isolate him (you can probably turn on a TV and watch it live) and even veto his election gambit. Because in an election, the people decide. As the anti-Brexit forces have shown, that is the last thing they want.

This drama is far from over.

Stay tuned…