The Ukrainian Boomerang

By: - September 25, 2019

We usually think of boomerangs as Australian. But in this case, for Joe Biden and the Dems, a serious degree of travel west is warranted. That’s because if they pursue their scandal de jour it very well could come back to smack them in the head.

We covered some of this in yesterday’s column and I rarely like to pull an editorial double header. But I was talking about that column with a pal, Dr. Tim Blessing. Tim is the head of the history department at Alvernia College in PA and one of the sharpest guys I know. In times past he was a Dem numbers ace, among the best.

We both belong to a select bipartisan dining society in PA where pros from all sides get together and talk game, never ideology. It is modeled after a dining group Churchill started, with the same theme, in London over a century ago. It’s called The Other Club.

Upon reading the column Tim opined, “I wonder if the Ds have any idea what the GOP could do in the Senate if the House impeaches. Biden and son and their records can be subpoenaed and referred for prosecution. I am guessing Pelosi and the other leaders have figured this out…”

He’s right.

So either this is the dumbest move the Dems have pulled, or they are trying to intentionally sink Biden and deny him the nomination while simultaneously hurting Trump, or they are being unwillingly dragged into a scenario they know will backfire on them by pressure from the hard left.

This could also be a move to protect Dem moderates in Trump-supporting House districts by announcing an “inquiry”, which is only a gesture and changes nothing. It protects the moderates by substituting this for a formal vote where they would have to go on record for impeachment.

Though, if they stumble into an actual vote the Dems have to know by their own experience with the Clinton impeachment: when you strike a king you’d better kill him. Given there is no chance of conviction in a GOP Senate, like Clinton, the president could gain in the polls and really rile up his base by surviving a Senate trial. Just in time for reelection.

And the legal fishing expedition GOP and Trump lawyers could undertake during that trial on the entire Ukraine deal, especially after Biden the moron bragged about it, could uncover Dem muck and grime we can only guess at now.

Also this morning we hear Dem senators pressured Ukraine to work with them on the Mueller investigation, implying failure to do so could result in a loss of aid. Goose and gander come to mind.

This is combined with a White House charge that the supposed “whistleblower” is a Dem partisan and they can prove it.

Latest news? The White House released the call transcript. Nothing there. No quid or pro or quo. Zip. Nada.

If this already compromised operation is intentional on the part of the Dems it is a ploy to keep the scandal, any made up scandal, pressure on hoping voters get tired of one controversy after another, they blame Trump for it, and vote for a vacation from it.

However, as the modern acrimonious political scene started over twenty years ago and shows no sign of abating any time soon, no matter who is in office we’re not looking at a return to The Era of Good Feelings in the decades of the foreseeable future. That is, unless the entire polity is restructured.

And the beat goes on…