Trump Campaign: Twitter Giving a ‘Pass’ to Deceptive DNC Ads

By: - March 25, 2020

Twitter’s refusal to apply it’s “manipulated media” warning tag to recent ads released by the Democratic National Committee is irking President Donald Trump’s reelection campaign.  

“Twitter’s arbitrary rules only seem to apply to the Trump campaign,” spokesman Andrew Clark told the Hill after the DNC posted a misleading ad showing Trump talking about disbanding the government’s pandemic response team because he didn’t like “having thousands of people around when you don’t need them” and another featuring Trump’s exchange with NBC reporter Peter Alexander. deemed the first DNC ad as misleading. The second ad left out the NBC reporter’s question that provoked Trump’s fiery response.

“Once again, they’ve failed to provide any sort of clarity about why they are censoring video of Joe Biden’s obvious issues while giving a pass to deceptively edited videos spread by his campaign and his allies,” Clark said.

“The DNC’s manipulated videos have been fact-checked as false, so it’s difficult to read Twitter’s refusal to label these videos as anything else than an effort to protect Joe Biden.”

A Twitter employee told the Trump campaign that both ads didn’t qualify for a manipulation label “at this time.”

The social media giant earlier this month labeled one of the Trump campaign’s videos “manipulated media.”

The video, tweeted by Trump communications director Dan Scavino, was an edited version of a Biden speech in which the former VP appears to inadvertently endorse Trump.

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