US Now Has Most Confirmed Virus Cases (82K) in World

By: - March 26, 2020

The United States has officially become the hardest-hit country in the world by the global coronavirus pandemic, confirming a world-high 82,285-plus coronavirus cases, surpassing China, where it originated.

“I think it’s a tribute to our testing,” President Donald Trump told reporters Thursday at the coronavirus task force daily briefing.

“We’re testing a tremendous number of people,” he added, questioning the data coming out of China.

The data is complied by Johns Hopkins University and Worldometer, which culls the data from a variety of sources.

While the data milestone is a potential mark against the U.S. response to the pandemic, it does show the U.S. has been conducting more tests than any country in the world. Also, the U.S. death total of 1,177 is the sixth-most in the world, suggesting the U.S. healthcare system is helping keep Americans live at a higher rate than European countries.

The U.S. confirmed-case death rate is just 1.4%, while the other most-infected countries are far less effective in keeping its infected citizens alive.

Confirmed-Case Death Rates by Top 10 Most-Infected Countries:

  1. U.S. 1.4%.
  2. China 4%.
  3. Italy 10.2%.
  4. Spain 7.4%
  5. Germany 0.6%.
  6. Iran 7.6%.
  7. France 5.8%.
  8. Switzerland 1.6%.
  9. United Kingdom 5.0%.
  10. South Korea 1.4%.

Only Germany has done a better job with keeping its confirmed-case death rate below that of the United States.

New York state, particularly because of New York City, has been the hardest-hit area in the U.S. with over 37,000 confirmed cases. Only four other countries have more infections than New York state.

U.S. Army leaders said Thursday that two field hospitals are on their way to New York City and will be able to begin treating patients at the Javits Center on Monday.

The Army combat units from Fort Hood, Texas, and Fort Campbell, Kentucky, will include as many as 700 personnel and almost 300 beds. Those medical personnel will also be able to help staff additional beds and medical equipment that are being brought in by state and local authorities.

Gen. James McConville, chief of staff of the Army, said they will begin setting up the units this weekend at the center. Officials expect there will be a couple thousand beds in the center to treat patients that do not have the virus.

An Army combat hospital from Fort Carson, Colorado, will be heading to Seattle. McConville said advance staff are already there, and are working with local officials to review several potential locations to set up the unit.

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