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First Lady Michelle Obama, along with daughters Sasha and Malia, listens to Foundation Director Uwe Neumarker during their visit to the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe, in Berlin, Germany, June 19, 2013. Sister-in-law Auma Obama, right, accompanies them during the tour.

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In their Trump Derangement manufactured by the Democrat Party through their media, it’s been already fashionable for generations of Liberal Jews who fancy themselves “progressives,” to have attached themselves to the Democrat caboose. 

True Believers who watched CNN 24/7 drank the Cool Aid, all of it. Even to the point that they believed wholesale the Russia Collusion Hoax, coupled to the message that “Obama was America’s First Jewish President.” 

Their cultlike attachment to ideology was always more important than Judaism and Israel’s survival, common sense – and even their own families. In the aftermath of Trump’s election, liberal Jews came so unhinged that many can no longer relate to their families, co-workers, and friends. The problem you see, is not their own pathology. It is that some Jews never drank the Cool Aid.

Even after Barack Obama infiltrated the Anti-Defamation League, the major Jewish civil rights organization (on whose Interfaith Committee I once served), and the Holocaust Memorial and Museum on Washington D.C.’s mall, with Israel and Jew-hating operatives, progressive Jews smugly believed their Kenyan Prince was the Second Coming. 

It was with Iran Nuke architect Ben Rhodes, Obama’s once-Chief of Staff, with whom Obama planned to literally hammer the final nail into Israel’s coffin. What Obama managed to do so far, however, is to have hammered the nail into America’s progressive Jewish families. 

Obama understood: One step at a time.

What the DNC and its arm, the US legacy media, sold America’s unselfknowing liberal Jews, is this NEW YORK MAGAZINE cover:

Which was promptly reprinted in QATAR’s government-owned al Jazeera and other media.

The same QATAR that, with Iran, funds HAMAS, Iran’s proxy Hezbollah, and global Palestinian terror.

Every leftwing anti-Zionist media parroted the same talking points. The sheer number of articles in global media portraying the most antisemitic and anti-Zionist president in U.S. history as the very opposite, “the most pro-Israel president,” cannot even be listed. 







These were the stories the U.S media, bureaucracies, Democrat politicians, and schools of higher learning sold to America’s Jews. 

The Kenyan Prince’s very last act was to not just join, but actually lead the mob, Israel’s enemies, in in the United Nation’s gang rape of Israel. The first time a U.S. president backstabbed the Jewish nation on his way out the door, just to show the “Jooz” who’s boss.

The same antisemitic Democrats who shouted down the Jerusalem Resolution at the 2012 Democrat Convention, installed a group of virulent, foaming at the mouth anti-Semites in 2016: a Puerto Rican and three antisemitic Muslims with terrorist ties: Congress,’ The SQUAD. At the time the Kenyan Prince needed contributions from True Believer Jewish billionaires to pay off his campaign, so he shut them down. Only later did he feel free to execute his benefactors on the public stage.

Working behind the scenes to destroy American democracy even after he left office, at which he was successful, Obama infiltrated his Jew-hating operatives into America’s top Jewish organizations. These were originally established to improve the lives and safety of the Jewish people. Obama’s hitmen, later sitting on the boards of these Jewish organizations, had dedicated themselves to sabotaging Jewish aspirations and ending Jewish lives for good. 

Ending Jewish lives culturally (succeeded by getting the votes of liberal American Jews who are by now no more Jewish than the Pope), demographically (because only these Jews’ goldfish are reproducing), identity rejection and shaming (of Jewish students at universities), and physically they hope, making Iran’s nukes a reality, which Biden and the Democrats promoted in-lock-step with Obama & Co.)


The Vanishing American Jew
In Search of Jewish Identity for the Next Century – Alan M. Dershowitz

“American Jewish life is in danger of disappearing, just as most American Jews have achieved everything we ever wanted: acceptance, influence, affluence, equality. As the result … the era of enormous Jewish influence on American life may soon be coming to an end… Although Jews make up just over 2 percent of the population of the United States…many Americans mistakenly believe that we constitute a full 20 percent of the American people, because of our disproportionate visibility, influence, and accomplishments.”

The Vanishing

The Jewish communities of America and France created liberal modernity, so it’s no accident they’re dissolving.

Meanwhile only the Hassidic movement, Chabad, are reproducing, creating more Jews, and only they follow Jewish law: “Be Fruitful and Multiply!” 

They also vote Republican.

In the US, some fading Reform and Conservative synagogues go Orthodox to stay afloat

Chabad Hasidic outreach programs reverse decline and bring growth to congregations through a host of programming designed to foster a more traditional community

NEW YORK — “Though at first reluctant, Mitchell Friedman realized the best chance of saving the synagogue he’d always considered to be “liberal Conservative” was turning it into a Chabad House.”

The liberal Jew, committed to social justice for all people except their own, actualized for themselves justice of the poetic kind instead. By having installed “America’s First Jewish President,” America’s liberal Jews had voted themselves out of existence. They created, with America’s First Jewish President (and for the few children they have), a future which is Judenrein. Thus, they will have achieved Adolf Hitler’s, and Iran’s goals. A World Without Jews and Zionism.They sabotaged world Jewry by focusing their wealth and rage on getting Donald Trump harassed, maligned, indicted, and defeated, for the outrageous collusions and crimes of Democrats

Trump, the most pro-Zionist president in American history, who repeatedly rose to defend Israel. Trump who repeatedly rose against Iran and whose own family is half Jewish. 

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