An Open Letter to Those Who Support the Student Anti-Gun Movement

By: - March 23, 2018

After reading and watching the reports about the “national” day of protest recently, and listening to dozens of media talking heads tell us just how “great”, “fantastic” and “mature” these high school students are, I almost lost my logical, calm mind. Around 4,500 students in my county alone walked out of class and the media followed by telling us how we should “listen to these young people” when it comes to this particular issue.

Enough is enough! First off, the State of Florida just passed a law stating that 18-20 year-olds are not old enough, mature enough, and cannot be trusted to buy firearms of any kind. Hold on! Why am I supposed to listen to the voices of high school kids when it comes to firearms and gun violence, yet I cannot trust those same kids until they turn 21? How does that make sense? On one hand, you want me to pay close attention to, listen to, and take what they say to heart. On the other hand, you want me to violate their constitutional rights when they turn 18 and legally become an adult?

Let’s get one thing straight—violating anyone’s rights is wrong. For any reason. Can we all agree on that? Let’s agree that discriminating against anyone based on race, age, or gender is against the law and the Constitution. Remember the small phrase “We the People”?

So, let’s just come out and be truthful. I know for some that is hard, but lets just for once be honest and utilize logic when discussing controversial matters.

First, the movement being presented by the young people in high school is not their movement. It is your movement, one in which you saw an opportunity to use these kids to further your anti-gun and anti-rights agenda. You jumped on the chance. Who funded the buses to move these groups around? Who funded the signs they held? Who funded the food? It’s wasn’t paid for by the kids themselves, that much any person with half a brain can see.

(Credit: Facebook/Lawrence Arts House)

Second, let’s just come out and say what your group’s real goal is. You want to make all firearms illegal. You will work a little at a time, but the real goal is to get firearms banned in the United States. In case you are not educated enough, or have been so brainwashed into thinking it’s not, that is against the Constitution. The document that all of our other laws are based on.

Third, you are not willing to have an honest and open discussion about the real facts about firearms in the U.S. If you were, your movement would die a quiet death—the facts do not support your emotionally driven half-truths and lies about firearms.

So, this open letter is to anyone who supports the student anti-firearms movement. If you were really concerned about our young people, and wanted to keep them safe, you would try and push for real, concrete actions and laws that help make our schools safer. Give law enforcement the tools and training they need—put money and research into trying to figure out the underlying causes of why these things happen. But of course, you really are not interested in those things. Because an unarmed populace is one that fears its government. Why do some people fear firearms so much? It’s most likely their lack of education on the topic. If you’ve never had to carry one to protect yourself and others, you don’t understand the real use of a firearm in the hands of a law-abiding citizen.

So, let’s drop all the half-truths and lies, drop all the fake, emotionally driven, do-nothing laws and bills. Let’s get a group of people together, who have some actual knowledge about physical security, firearms, law enforcement, training, and the like. Let them come up with real solutions to make our schools safer instead of turning them into “gun-free zones”—where the only free gun is the one in the hand of a mass murderer killing our young people.

When you are willing to talk about facts, truths and real solutions, we will be listening and willing to help.

Until then, stop violating constitutional rights.

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