Author: Robert Morse

Rob Morse retired from a career in high-tech engineering. He grew up shooting a pellet rifle on the west coast and learned to shoot small-bore pistol from an Olympic pistol coach on the east coast. He picked up the 1911 handgun when his family was threatened. He then recognized the infringements placed on the right to bear arms and started writing the SlowFacts Blog.

Two thousand articles and a decade later, he is also published at Ammoland Shooting Sports News, at Clash Daily and at The Daily Surge. He spoke at Second Amendment rallies in California, in Florida, and he received the Blogger of the year award from the Second Amendment Foundation in 2018.

Rob hosts and produces the Self-Defense Gun Stories podcast. He is a regularly scheduled co-host on the Polite Society podcast, at Lock-N-Load Radio, and on the Daily Bullet newscast. He appeared as a guest on Gun Talk Radio, Armed American Radio, Gun Freedom Radio, the Loaded Mic, on Eye on the Target Radio, Arms Room Radio, and on San Diego Gun Owner’s Radio. He also spoke at the Alternative Mass Media conference.

To date he has written over 20 articles about programs to train volunteer school staff as defenders and medical first-responders. He has attended and participated in three training programs for armed school staff members. He routinely writes about the lives lost due to restrictive firearms laws that disarm the victims of violence.

Rob Morse was an NRA firearms instructor and IDPA competitor. He now lives, carries, and writes in southwest Louisiana.