Author: Taras Lyssenko

Taras Lyssenko was a commissioned Army officer, Ranger qualified, who now works in government relations and business development within the realms of defense, energy, aviation, medicine and homeland security. He is widely known for the recovery and preservation of history that had been lost under water. His activities have led to the discovery of the location of hundreds of artifacts once lost. These artifacts include World War II aircraft, ships dating back to the 1800s and even the remnants of a forest that dates back over 8000 years. Taras is one of the leaders of the team that has recovered dozens of the aircraft on behalf of the National Naval Aviation Museum. Those aircraft are now on display in museums and airports across the United States. Taras has worked to bring forth advanced technologies to lower the production and fabrication costs of the valued metal titanium. During these endeavors he has worked with the United States Senate, House of Representatives, Department of Defense, Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, the Department of Energy, large equipment producers, and many corporations. He achieved a Presidential Determination under the Defense Production Act Title, III for his efforts in titanium production.

Taras donates great amounts of time assisting in educational efforts for students ranging from grade school level to institutions of higher learning. He has written two books, the children’s book Wendy’s Fear of Heights and the firsthand account of the many years of marine exploration and aircraft recovery, The Great Navy Birds of Lake Michigan: The True Story of the Privateers of Lake Michigan and the Aircraft They Rescued.