BREAKING: SOURCE – US Aid Not Reaching Ukrainian People. 40% Without Power. Government Not Doing Anything For People, No Generators, Tents, Heat, Etc. Kyiv Blackout Tonight. Riots Could Ensue.

By: - October 24, 2022

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Tsarizm has been on the ground in Ukraine for a decade, and has built a strong network of sources in and out of government.

We can report tonight from a trusted source that 40% of Ukraine is now without power. The Ukrainian people are very angry with officials as the harsh winter approaches.

Millions of Ukrainians face the winter without electricity, water, infrastructure.

Riots could ensue.

We are also reporting from sources that the billions in aid sent from the West to Ukraine is not getting in large part to the Ukrainian people. The aid is not showing up in the official Ukrainian budget. It is feared that much is being stolen.

We have reported in the past that aid sent to Western NGO’s in-country in the past has seen 50% skimmed off the top, with additional grift along the way as aid is distributed. We fear the same is happening now.

We have reports that only 30% of military aid is reaching the Ukrainian military.

This is a comment from one source today — “I need 5000 camp mobile units with heaters. Humanitarian catastrophe is coming. 40% of energy grid is down. Currently 4 centigrade in Kyiv. The winter has come. The government is not doing anything for the winter.”

Below is a video of power station being targeted by Russian missiles in the previous weeks. Rockets hit Electricity Station near Vydubichi metro in Kyiv.