Build Back Better? No! Broken By Biden

It has been less than one year since the Biden administration took power.  The slogan repeated by that administration was Build Back Better. Wow, what a pipe dream that has become.  I think the better or at least more accurate motto should be “Broken by Biden.”

Let us look at the results, not partisan politics, even though that is at a level we haven’t seen in my memory. My memory goes back a long time, too.

Under this administration, we have seen inflation rise at a level that hasn’t been experienced in years.  Consumer prices are soaring.  The cost of gasoline, something everyone feels regardless of which party you belong to, has all but doubled since Biden took over.  The previous administration had gasoline prices falling and coming in at prices that were more along with the level of 2005.  Once the administration of President Biden took over, the cost of gasoline has risen constantly.  Ironically the prices now are eerily reminiscent of those during the Obama administration when Biden was the Vice President.

Under the previous administration, the Trump administration, the U.S. was finally energy independent.  Prices were lower when it came to fuel, and the U.S. was not dependent on OPEC or Russia or any other state or group for its energy.  The U.S. became an energy exporter.

What did Biden do?  The first day in office, with a stroke of a pen, he set the country on a clear path to energy dependence.  He stopped construction on a much-needed and almost complete pipeline while approving the resumption of the Russian pipeline construction, one that the Trump administration had sanctioned and curtailed.

Just this week, Biden pressed OPEC to pump more oil due to the need for more supply.  What a turnaround. Was it built back better?  I think not.

Turning attention to the southern border, one would be hard-pressed to describe the administration’s disaster of the border and illegal immigration as anything other than total failure.   Where the previous administration was securing the border, slowing illegal immigration to historic lows, and working with other countries in a collaborative way to stem the flow of illegal immigration, this administration has turned a successful policy into an unmitigated crisis.

With the constant signing of executive orders removing almost every Trump policy, the Biden administration has raised illegal immigration to levels never seen before.  Even Biden’s Homeland Security Director has candidly admitted that the border is out of control and unsustainable under current conditions and policies.  The men and women of the CBP, ICE, and the many state and local agencies and departments dealing with the conditions on the ground are pushed to a breaking point. The on-ground personnel unanimously say that the current administration has caused this crisis.  By stopping construction on the border wall, stopping deportations, allowing mass immigration without consequences, and appointing an ineffectual immigration Czar (Kamala Harris), the Biden administration has done more than just made mistakes.  An objective look at what has happened on the southern border would lead one to believe that this outcome was foreseen and desired.  At worst, it is an attempt to find a way to create more voting support for the party of the President or, at best, and it is a pretty depressing best, a result of ineffectual policies, no plan, and no clue what to do.

I don’t see how an open border that allows the unfettered flow of illegal immigrants into the country is good. Many are infected with COVID-19. The Biden administration is happily busing and flying them all around the country to be released into the heartland without even notifying those local area governments. What does this have to do with “Building Back Better?” Nothing. Biden has created a completely broken system, one Broken by Biden.

Talking about politics, the Biden administration touted that they would reach across the aisle and bring the country back together.  Nothing could be farther from the truth. The Biden administration constantly attempts to ram through their agenda.  There are no collaborations, little to no bipartisanship.  The administration pushed pet projects and massive spending plans that make all other spending bills in the past pale in comparison.  The Biden policies are shoving the country into very dark times.  With renewed energy dependence, rising prices, political infighting, and a growing concern that the President, Mr. Biden himself, is having apparent cognitive issues, it is a fair question to ask just who is actually running the country?  It seems like the farthest left wing of the party is in charge, and that is a scary thought unless you want socialism.  The funny thing about that is that none of those pushing for that system are old enough to have any idea what it is.

Lastly, I come to one of the most troubling events in my lifetime.  I spent years in Afghanistan and Iraq as a security contractor.  I spent a good part of my military career on the East/West German border during the Cold War.  What we are all seeing now is, to put it bluntly, a disgrace.

The Biden administration had no plan. No clue and those in the administration gave all the wrong counsel.  From political appointee ambassadors to those running the military, many should have retired long ago, to a completely incompetent State Department, they have ushered in this nightmare we are seeing played out right before our eyes.  Some have said it is reminiscent of the fall of Saigon. To those too young to know, that was the Vietnam war.

The Biden administration has sent 5000 troops into Afghanistan to rescue the remaining U.S. personnel and evacuate the U.S. Embassy. Although the administration has repeatedly said they would not leave those Afghans behind who helped the U.S. effort over the past two decades, they most certainly will.

In the way this “drawdown” is being conducted, the administration is scrambling out of Afghanistan with its tail between its legs and in total defeat.  It is embarrassing, horrible, and a disaster for any future action where the U.S. will need allies.  Who would want to partner with the U.S. when this is what we do?

Now, the administration is hoping, they certainly did not plan, to get people out of Kabul before the airport is unusable.  If not taken over by the Taliban or by the thousands of Afghans trying to get the “last plane out,” using and securing that airport is going to be a tall task.

The administration decided to abandon the colossal airbase of Bagram in the middle of the night.  The Biden administration did not even let the Afghan government know. We just cut and ran. Right now, Bagram would be a tremendous asset.  It is hardened, has a massive airfield, and would have been able to house the thousands of military personnel, civilians, and those Afghans we promised to take care of while we evacuated them to wherever the administration would put them.  Instead, we gave up the tactical advantage and opted for a panicked and chaotic retreat.

Build Back Better?  No. Clearly Broken by Biden.  For me? I liked it the way it was before Uncle Joe came into office. His administration has done nothing but set this country on a path of destruction. But look on the bright side. At least we have the fabulous Dr. Fauci and the CDC to guide our lives. And since we will always be wearing masks, no one will see the “tell-tale” frowns of disgust on our faces.