China Is Waiting

By: - October 5, 2020

The media has no problems telling us that the world may end when Trump is elected for a second term.

Liberal progressive radicals that have hijacked the Democrat political party are catered to by pandering subjective commentary hosts like Chris Wallace, host of “Fox News Sunday”. Wallace, who interrupted the president on multiple occasions actually argued with the incumbent as he attempted to fend off lies hurled in his direction throughout the highly anticipated debacle. Watching the spectacle was similar to the feeling you may get if Tyson were to take a fall in the first 20 seconds of a title bout, a world series being won in 4 games, premature ejaculation or an entire receiving team “taking a knee” at opening kickoff for the NFL season; it was a huge letdown, and it was all part of the plan for Wallace.

The media immediately refocused their attention from illegally obtained and leaked Trump taxes to his loud and insistent delivery on the debate stage. All of the major “news” networks immediately began slamming the president for “bullying” Biden throughout the event. But did he? Trump has been attacked from the second he and the first lady came down that New York escalator in the infamous and magical moment when Trump declared his candidacy; we all know that is a fact. Without rehashing the illegal spying, the fake impeachment, the paid-for dossier crafted by the Clintons, the coverups by federal law enforcement and intelligence agencies, the Ukrainian phone call, unsubstantiated Stormy Daniels allegations or ballot harvesting, we can just stick to the counter punch that a sitting president of the United States was forced to deliver after 4 years of bullying and provocation by his adversaries.

If someone had called the police to report that you had assaulted them, raped them, beaten them, stolen from them and then ran… Ran to a basement where they could not be interviewed, not answer questions about the facts that surrounded the case or provide a sworn testimony to bring real evidence before the court, what would you say when you were face-to-face with that same person and they began lying, yet again? Would you just “allow” that person to perpetuate more false information? Would you really sit back and give them their two minutes to slander your name? Would you put your hands in your pockets and smile while they defamed your character? If so, we aren’t having a real conversation here, because you’re undoubtedly the same person that believes that wearing a mask makes scientific sense.

On October 4, with President Trump hospitalized and Chris Wallace feeling the need to show his registered Democrat ass, he went live on “Fox News Sunday” with an attack directed at senior Trump administration officials as he badgered Steve Cortes over the first family not wearing masks after they were seated for the debate. None of Cortes’ answers were good enough, and when Cortes attempted to shift gears and answer another Wallace question, Wallace continued to yell over Cortes, similar to the one-sided and biased line of interrogatory questioning that he hit the president with on a national stage before the entire world. Let’s keep in mind that everyone in that debate hall had been tested for COVID-19, and the family was sitting together. The family.

The precedent being set for the masks and the media are an equally slippery slope. If we can agree that walking into a restaurant with mask on, then sitting down only to take it off is really about control and compliance, rather than “safety” and “health”, then we can have an adult conversation. Masking is about pushing Americans just a little bit, and then taking the whole boat right over the falls.

The media is blatantly biased – unapologetically and without shame. There is no more sense of integrity in the world of the “click”, “like”, or “retweet”. This is about the “sex of the day”, and doing whatever is necessary to divide us as Americans, empower progressive fascists, and remove a duly-elected president from the highest office in the land…Whether it is the will of Americans, or not.

When November 3 comes, we cannot realistically expect to go to bed that evening knowing who 46 will be. We can expect fake ballots, mail discrepancies, civil unrest like we have never seen before, riots, looting, burning, assaults, and the loss of life on the streets of our “free” country like nobody has seen since the Civil War. We can expect a constitutional crisis with Nancy Pelosi in the Oval Office, eight justices on the high court, the confiscation of firearms from “free” Americans and war.

Remember this: When we have all been divided by the agenda-driven media, duped by progressive radicals and the fighting starts – when the bullets start flying and the shelves at the supermarket are being depleted of water and toilet paper – do not get involved. Save your ammo for the REAL enemy that will follow. China is waiting.