Dem Attempt to Set Up Trump at Hearing Tops Monday Briefing

So after this weekend scorcher it’s back to work today and the tedium of having to talk to the most annoying people on the planet. Sure, you can hide out in your own space for a while. But you’ll likely have to engage the idiots at one point or another.

One of them will bring up current politics. If they do so before your initial coffee or when you’ve just got off the phone from a call where you’ve found out yet again you are taking the hit for somebody else’s screwup, to make your potential interlocutors go away mentally bleeding, you may want to deploy Monday Briefing:

  • House Dem Jerry Nadler promises fireworks during Robert Mueller’s Wednesday hearing before his committee. So Nadler went on Sunday talk shows and gilded the lily, using the promos to paper over what is going to be a report rehash spun into obvious crimes, as told by Nadler and his crew. For if Mueller wanted to play executioner he could have done so already. So watch for leading questions, flights of fancy, and jumped-to conclusions by the Dems on Wednesday. All to cover up they have jack sh**.
  • An NBC 2020 general election report shows how the Dems could run up the popular vote total, even win back PA an MI, and still lose to the president. It’s because they will probably only run up those numbers in states like CA where they already win the Electoral College. In close states like WI white blue-collar voters call the shots and they trend to Trump. When a leftist stalwart like NBC admits this, there could be problems in paradise. Hence why they want to get rid of the Electoral College so badly.
  • Boris Johnson should be announced as British prime minister tomorrow. Thanks be to God. He faces many hurdles coming into office, not the least of which are anti-Brexit rebels in his own party threatening to torpedo his premiership right out of the gate. Thus he will have to think quickly and act decisively from the gitgo. A possible scenario? Boris opponents will play right into his hands if several Tories defect to the Lib Dems, or vote to topple government, over no-deal Brexit. Then the new Tory government collapses with Labour’s Corbyn in current freefall. Boris calls snap election before Labour boots unpopular Corbyn. Boris returned with significantly increased numbers and Brexit Party allies with Tories giving him effective majority of 50-100. For a man who has wanted to be PM his entire life, hopefully he is up to the task. If he isn’t he will suffer, as will his party. But Britain will suffer more.
  • A Serbian guy called in a bomb threat to keep a plane on the ground because he wanted a date with a stewardess on the flight. This is a horrible act and should be punished severely. Unless, that is, the stew is really really hot. Then he should be given points for initiative and maybe a cash prize.
  • The GOP took in over $20 million in June, more than doubling the Dems at $8 million. The free market, and its political variant, chooses wisely.
  • VA Dems say they will boycott the state legislature’s 400th anniversary event if the president attends. Do they boycott soirees featuring their blackface-loving governor or rape-accused lieutenant governor? Nah, they have their standards.
  • And finally, when a cat filter (making the people on the television sport feline ears and noses) mistakenly appeared on the screen during a double murder presser conducted by the police in British Columbia, wags theorized that a similar type of filter would make, in the unlikely event of a shared press conference, Vice President Pence and Rep. Omar respectively look like Race Bannon and Haji from the kickass 60s TV cartoon “Johnny Quest.”

Rep. Tlaib would appear as Bandit. Have a good week.