Do What You’re Told Hypocrisy

According to a new Gallup poll, more than half of Americans will refuse to comply with new virus lockdowns. In the new poll, 49% of respondents said they’ll be very likely to stay home, when in the spring time that number was 67%, according to a CNN poll. 

Coronavirus? What’s this thing you speak of? I vaguely remember a virus that went around in early 2020. That was the year the Democrats tried to cheat Donald Trump out of a second term in the White House. Do you remember? Yeah, I seem to recall a doctor that put the fear of God into elderly people and citizens that had underlying health conditions, and then do you remember how we later found out that doctor had a financial stake in the game and it later came to light that he didn’t even believe what he was saying as he told the entire country they should wear a mask, but then he went to a major league baseball game and as the cameras panned the stadium, there he was. There he was right next to his buddies with no mask on.

Yeah, that was the game I think he threw out the first pitch. Oh yeah, the COVID, that’s what they called it.

And then, what was that woman’s name? That crazy one? Remember her, the Speaker of the House? Nancy…Nancy Pelosi yes, she REALLY shed light on the importance of lockdowns and masking I mean she was the one that proved how dangerous the virus was for anyone that wanted to get together over the summer, go out to eat or have some drinks with your buddies, remember she was a mask nut job! She was like Lenin with those masks I think she even had some masking police my God she was REALLY convinced that virus was going to take us all down I mean she shut down restaurants and gyms… in California, you couldn’t even get a haircut, I mean she shut down salons!…and then, she was busted and exposed as a complete fraud and a liar after a hair salon owner leaked footage of her getting her wig blown out with no mask on. Yeah, that was crazy…those were crazy times. 2020…what a year.

Do you think this new information we’re seeing in these sliding restriction compliance numbers could have something to do with the the forgotten details?

Could this be a reaction to the little things the media leaves out as they blast COVID relentlessly through our televisions and into our living rooms reminding us that over 80 million people have been infected and 200,000 have died? Tragic, of course, but I don’t believe you. I’ll get to that in a minute, but I mean…So, when people do that math and realize the survivability is over 99%, when they realize that they actually have a better chance of becoming a millionaire from a scratch off, do you think they may be ready to roll the dice with the virus to prevent losing everything they’ve ever worked for? I mean, the likelihood that your business will close down permanently without any customers is about the same percentage…about 99.9%. Restaurants and bars don’t seem to do well when they’re not serving food and slinging drinks. My barber tells me she can’t make any money without someone sitting in her chair. I was blown away. I couldn’t believe it when I heard that kids weren’t learning as much as a result of not being in school…that really shocked the hell out of me!

Suicides are going through he roof as people lose it all, kids aren’t able to report to their school counselor how their uncle is touching their pee pees or how their mom puts her cigarette out on their sister when she’s drunk…. Yeah, child abuse and youth deaths are tragically becoming a part of this ‘new normal’ these progressives keep telling me I’m supposed to accept and I’ll have to get used to. Yeah, the ‘new normal’. The new normal that forced an immigrant woman to shut the doors on her newly opened business after she risked it all to flee her third world country to escape real oppression, and start her new life in the United States because we have a Constitution that guarantees her the protection from a tyrannical government, the promise of equality and the right to be free…do you think any of this weighs on the minds of these people giving the middle finger to radical power hungry liberal Democrats like Tim Walz in Minnesota or Gretchen Whitmer in Michigan? 

When Americans realize that these mandates really have nothing to do with safety and health, but everything to do with compliance and control, is it really supposed to shock or disturb us when they tell the government to get bent? 

Am I supposed to believe the same media that suppressed the biggest story in our lifetime about how a father used his son as a money mule to cash out on a Ponzi scheme with foreign adversaries to this country as he compromised the national security of America and sold us out as the Vice President of the United States? The same media that prematurely called an election for the highest office in the world, ignoring the fact that no state had certified their poll numbers, massive fraud is suspected and men married to Democratic senators sit on the board of directors of a computer company that supposedly mistakingly glitched taking votes away from Donald Trump and giving them to Joe Biden? 

You know, so forgive me if I don’t cower before my master, cover my face with a mask that isn’t backed up by any scientific data, close down my business and lock myself inside for the winter because I’m told to by the same people who’ve attempted multiple times to unseat a duly elected president by manufacturing lies about racism, misogyny and Ukrainian phone calls while corrupt establishment deep state politicians organize a fourth attempt at a coup de’ etat.

Meanwhile, the president they blame for the virus was the only one willing to act immediately to curb the spread when he shut down travel from the country that manufactured the damn thing and the same president that deregulated the hell out of drug makers so rather than six years of bureaucratic red tape and lobbyist pay to play to get medicine on the market, a vaccine is ready to go in just months…only to be shut down by sickos like Andrew Cuomo, who has said he’s actually ready to let front line medical workers and your grandmother die rather than allowing them to acquire the vaccination as he trades lives for political optics.

I don’t know about you, but I’m part of the majority. You can throw me in jail.