Election Day

By: - November 6, 2022
Election Day is finally here. After months of campaign TV/radio/social media ads. After weeks of yard signs and knocking on doors and town halls, Election Day is finally here.
This is our time to watch the red wave take over. While the final counts are not in yet, to me, the number of engaged voters I see and hear of all over the nation is encouraging. I don’t know what may be driving Democrats to the polls (except blind hatred of Republicans), but what I do know- Republicans are ready to go to the polls.
Without giving predictions and breaking down states/districts, moving forward, the next question is, what’s next?
The GOP Agenda 2023- Top 5
1) Whether we take back both chambers of Congress, or only the House, our number one priority is to create complete stagnation at the federal level. No more Executive Orders. No more Democrat bills. No more bailouts. No more social programs. No more free rides. No more regulations. It is time to stop the gravy train of DC, and force Republicans to stand strong against the accusations of “killing people”.
2) Pass a freaking budget. No more omnibus bills or continuing resolutions. It is time to strap down the budget and make the GOP led House of Representatives do their job, which is to hold the power of the purse. We will pass a budget, or the government can shut down as long as it needs to, for them to figure out their role.
3) Begin the investigations on the Bidens, Clintons, and the rest of the dirty crooks in DC. No more “Jan 6th” fear tactics. No more Dr. Fauci protections. It’s time to unleash the truth, and let the American people know what’s really been happening.
4) Begin domestic energy production again. Lower the cost of oil, natural gas, and electricity. Let’s become energy independent again, and say “to hell” with OPEC, Saudi Arabia, and Russia.
5) Get supply chains back on track. No more stopping the cargo ships from docking. No more fights against the railroads or the truck drivers. It’s full speed ahead with progress. Let’s get everyone back to work, and the supply chains cranking again.
Just through these simple agenda items, the masses will flock back to supporting the GOP and set us on a road to success for the country, and a presidential bid in 2024.
But until it’s time to fight, it is now our turn to rest, recover, regroup, and watch the results of your hard work roll in.
Happy Election Day!
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