From Conspiracy to the New Age

For years conservatives have been called “racists”, “homophobes”, “anti-Semitic”, “election deniers”, “conspiracy theorists”, and on… and on… and on…
In many religious and spiritual beliefs, there is an idea that before the end, or before the great transition, people will not recognize the difference between the truth and lies. They also believe that right before that “transition” the lies will fall away, and the truth will be revealed for all to see. What they do with that “truth” is up to them.
I was always told as a child that the truth always comes out in the end.
According to the left we have been the “most dangerous political organization in US history” due to questioning “authority” when things do not make sense. It’s appalling to them, that we do not sit idly by and let them brainwash us, and take full control as a new utopian society.
How dare we.
As we go into the holiday season, and reset ourselves for 2023, we can evaluate the elections and question the lack of a “red wave”. We can question the GOP leadership with McConnell and McCarthy. We can even question our local parties and statewide government officials on whether they will stand up against federal intrusion.
But also do not forget the victories we are seeing before our eyes.
We are ending the year with more truth being released to the public than ever before. The veil of lies and deceit from the elites in Washington is crumbling… And they do not know how to handle it.
1) It is only a matter of time before the economy crashes and they are exposed for the big government spending socialists we all know them to be. You cannot lie about job growth and new jobs, while workforce participation rates continue to drop (three months in a row now, and still lower than pre-pandemic levels). You cannot say we’ve “leveled out inflation” while we go into holiday shopping season with an 8-9% inflation rate. And while the gas prices are slightly lower than a few months ago, we are still over $1/gallon more than prior to the Biden administration. Government cannot spend, print, and cause inflation for the next two years to lie again about how well the economy is doing prior to the 2024 election.
2) News from Twitter: All you conspiracy theorists- Congrats! You’ve been proven to be right. We now have the truth being released from a man who is not political, but only cares about transparency and truth being revealed to the public (thank you, Elon Musk). This will not only destroy the narrative from the left and Democrat leaders, this will also aide the new House investigative committees with their prosecution of the Biden regime.
3) Gas prices are about to bust. You cannot cut production, depend on foreign nations, then have the foreign agencies and nations cut production, and still have low gas prices. It doesn’t make sense. Expect gas prices to soar after the holidays, and the Biden administration to blame the lack of oil in the federal reserves. How long can they artificially deflate prices to look successful?
4) The Biden gaffes continue to get worse. How long can we really hold up a president that has no clue what’s really going on?
5) The January 6th Committee is disbanding.
Let’s go into the new year remembering we are in a good spot to bring our country back to some normalcy. We will prevail! And with truth finally being revealed for all to see publicly, it is our time to spread that truth and let everyone know how truly corrupt these elites have become.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!