Happy Independence Day

By: - July 4, 2022

What started out as a progressive month full of identity politics and forcing lifestyles in the faces of those who just don’t care (yes I’m talking about LGBTQ Pride Month), ended as what will now be known as a Conservative Pride Month.

Let’s be clear. There were things to celebrate in June already.

Summer solstice
Donald Trump’s Birthday

But, as usual, progressives have to take their insanity to another level.

Juneteenth is a wonderful holiday to celebrate. Ending slavery in the United States and celebrating the advancement of humanity is a great success. Something that should be taught and paraded as a victory in the evolution of man-kind, furthering the American dream written and prophesied by our Founding Fathers.

However, when a momentous feat is celebrated in spite of a Democrat party that fought against ending slavery, embraced servitude, Jim Crow laws, segregation, etc. The only way the Democrats know how to partake in the party, is to be over the top with rhetoric, masking their faults in their historical actions.

They are the drunk friend at the party causing a scene… As we hope to avoid their obnoxiousness.

That was the case when Democrats tried to say Juneteenth should be the new Independence Day, and America should rid ourselves of the 4th of July.

Then June turned into LGBT Pride Month. Democrats flamboyantly forced everyone to see parades of people in drag expressing their sexuality and personal lifestyles.

And while we all agree as conservatives that no one should be oppressed or abused in any way, we live in the mindset of- we just don’t care. You live your life. I’ll live mine.

But Pride Month doesn’t allow that. Instead it shoves an identity so far in your face, you can’t get away from it. And it gets worse every year.

However, this year took a turn for the best. While progressives give up their personal character and identity for the politics of “group think”, conservatives walked into the 4th of July more proud of our nation than we have been in a long time.

The last week of June is typically the time for the United States Supreme Court to release their opinions on cases they’ve heard throughout the year. They’ll stand on the steps of the SCOTUS courthouse, and release them publicly. Normally, the news is worthy for a day or two, and everyone gets back to business as normal.

This year, however, was different.

After threats to many SCOTUS justices, their opinions were released online, and what followed was the predicted response from Democrats prepared to burn down cities nationwide. The decisions also came at a time, when it completely crushes every Democrat election platform of control, tyranny, socialism, and centralized power.

1) Gun rights
2) Protections of religious practice
3) Reversal of Roe v Wade
4) Limits on EPA concerning carbon emission regulations on private companies

These decisions quickly deflated the pride of the Left, and left them going into Independence Day livid and angry at the country that just enforced personal protections. It’s gotten to the point that elected officials are advocating for the people to ignore the US Supreme Court, and dis-regard the checks and balance system our Founding Fathers crafted so many years ago, revealing the true colors of the tyrant Democrat.

So as we celebrate Independence Day in America, let’s rejoice in knowing after all these years, the separation of power from the three branches of government still works, keeping tyranny at bay for another cycle. Reminding us that those who signed the Declaration of Independence of July 2nd, 1776 were signing a dream of freedom that would last as long as we allow it to remain.

And while we enjoy the victories now, election season is right around the corner, giving us another opportunity to stomp out the progressive movement that is trying to take hold.

This is our time. We have the momentum. We have the ideas and arguments on our side. It’s time we wake up the rest of the sleeping giant and remind the world why this is still the greatest nation on the face of the Earth.

Happy Independence Day!

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