Has Chicago’s Electorate Remedied a Mayoral Mistake with a Bigger Mistake?

By: - October 3, 2019

Who would have predicted that Chicagoans would elect a mayor to succeed Rahm Emanuel who is a further leftist radical than he was? Well, the Windy City’s electorate has done it. New Mayor Lori Lightfoot is proving herself an unabashed, anti-cop, and anti-rule-of-law banshee.

Her recent anti-ICE comments leave no doubt about her loathing for this stellar federal law enforcement agency. Its agents are patriotic, professional, and compassionate people dedicated to keeping safe Americans and both legal/non-violent illegal immigrants. A thing that can’t happen if so-called progressive political leaders refuse to support cooperation among all American law enforcement agencies.

Mayor Lightfoot works diligently to obstruct ICE in any way and anywhere she can. The good men and women of ICE do not deserve her leftist religiopolitical venom. Listen to her speak. She’s mean and hateful toward all law enforcement but reserves a special toxin to spew at ICE.

For example, think about how ICE agents feel when, after enforcing the laws Congress has duly passed, laws agents have taken oaths to enforce, a mayor of a major American city spreads anti-law enforcement myths and disparages agents’ characters, personally.

ICE agents help keep Chicago’s neighborhoods safer by removing criminal illegal aliens. Yet, as reported by The Blaze, they hear verbal poison oozing from Mayor Lightfoot such as, “Chicago is and will always be a welcoming city that will never tolerate ICE tearing our families apart.” This nonsense must stop. ICE only does what the law commands and allows.

So, to whom exactly is Chicago —Mayor Lightfoot— “welcoming”? They’re —she’s— not welcoming to ICE agents attempting to help make Chicago’s neighborhoods safer. Not that Chicago needs help ridding the city of all violent criminals. It appears the city’s ruling leftist elites are quite welcoming to repeat illegal border-crossing criminals, including violent felons, whom they proactively protect from ICE.

Mayor Lightfoot also said she will not allow individual Chicago cops to assist ICE whether or not requested. I’ve written previously about the diabolical notion of setting one American law enforcement agency against another. Ask yourself what that looks like in real life when those officers dealing with this manufactured contention, when they stand face-to-face…cop-to-cop. It doesn’t look good, and cops will honor their oaths (something that means little to the left), and they will always back other cops whether local, state, tribal, university, or federal—period!

Hammering that point home, recently on the Fox News Channel, Tom Homan, former acting head of ICE, told Laura Ingraham that while Mayor Lightfoot has shamefully ordered Chicago cops not to assist ICE agents, he said ICE will never “turn their backs on” Chicago police officers. And, you know what? I believe most Chicago cops will not abandon ICE agents, either.