Head Of Russia’s Mercenary Wagner Group Empties The Prisons To Fight In Ukraine, Promising Freedom, If They Survive

By: - September 17, 2022

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Yevgeny Prigozhin, the head of Russia’s mercenary army, Wagner Group, is emptying Russian prisons to fight in Ukraine.

Prigozhin can be seen in the video below offering a deal to Russian convicts — freedom for six months of fighting, that is, IF you survive.

Below is a rough translation of what he is saying:

“This war is very cruel, we are spending missiles faster than in Stalingrad. It is not like the Chechen wars. It’s bigger. There are three unforgivable sins.

“You cannot desert and leave the border, and there is no surrender.

“If you decide to fight with us, our trainers will tell you what you have to do not to surrender — you will have two grenades with you.

“The second sin is no alcohol and drugs. You will be with us half a year. You cannot take any drugs during this time.

“The third sin — no marauding. There will be no sexual contact with local women, men, or animals.

“The minimum age is 22. If you are younger, we have to have a note from your relatives. The maximum age is 50. If you are older and strong, we will test you, and make a decision.

“You will have to pass a polygraph test. If you have been addicted to drugs in the past, we will examine you and decide.

“We want people with no fear, who are ready to die. We want stormtroopers.”