If You Love America and Everything It Stands for, You Must Vote Trump and His Cronies Out of Office

By: - September 28, 2020

With domestic issues running wild enough to be labeled crises of their own, the USA’s standing as a Global Leader has immensely and unforgivably suffered under the leadership of our current president (whose name shall not be mentioned again by me in this article).  But I don’t need to mention it!  Here are two recent articles by some of our most astute observers of US foreign policy over the last couple decades.

John Feffer of Foreign Policy in Focus:

America’s Global Reputation Isn’t Bouncing Back Anytime Soon

Peter Bergen of New America:

The Top Trump Adviser Who Chose Not To Write A Tell-All Book

I could not agree more!  What have we become? 

Under this president, I would argue that we’ve become, at best … ?… a gigantic question mark, and at worst, “the laughingstock of the world” is becoming more appropriate every day.

As a country, we are grossly unaware of what is happening around the world, and frankly, I and many others don’t think we care.  I challenge you to ask any John/Jane Doe you come across, this, or any number of similar questions:

What do you think are the ramifications of…

  • The recent massive explosion in Beirut?
  • The recent political unrest in Belarus?
  • The recent squabble between Greece and Turkey over drilling rights in the Mediterranean, and specifically the Aegean Sea?
  • China’s attempts at control of the South China Sea?
  • Our pulling out of the JCPOA agreement with Iran?
  • Israel’s recent policies regarding Palestine?
  • Our idea of purchasing Greenland?
  • Our pulling out of the Paris Agreement on Global Climate Change mitigation?
  • ?

Unrecognizable (indeed laughable) babble is what you will get in response, IF, you’re able to get beyond… Huh???

This response – and I think I know John Doe better than anyone on this website – is nothing approaching what our allies’ average citizen can articulate quite well, on any of the above questions.

This fact is dangerous and unacceptable.

If we, the USA, hope to regain our former stature as a responsible member, much less leader, within the Global community of nations, this fact must drastically improve.

Unless we the people become more educated and care about what the rest of the world thinks – and stop living in the narcissistic belief that we can, should, and will, do whatever we want because we are the greatest country on Earth – the America we used to know is doomed.  Yes, the MAGA America is, by definition, doomed.

Why?  Because we were, are, and will always be great if we do what our Constitution, indeed, Jesus said.  The sooner the MAGA dummies realize that, the better.

Do you intend to watch it go down the tubes, or save it?

Right now, today, I’ll gladly watch it flush down the tube.  But if there must be a fight, I’ll fight.  Then, I’ll happily roll up my sleeves and do whatever it takes to save what is left.

The times… they are a changin’.