Let the Chaos Begin

As we start a new year, the first thing that always comes to mind is finding a “New Year’s resolution”.  And it’s good to have one. Personal goals. Health goals. Career goals. It’s a mental fresh start and time to look back and your year and where you would like to go moving forward.
They are all great things to focus on for the new year, but let’s take it to the next level.
With the upcoming election season, plus federal budgets, border issues, foreign policy disasters, etc., let’s make a new year’s political resolution together: Let’s promise this year to hold our political party to the standards we wish they would hold on their own.
We ended the year on a solid note. Newly elected Speaker Mike Johnson, for the first time, walked away for the holidays with “unfinished” business of funding Ukraine, due to not meeting the standards he wanted in partnering the funding with border legislation, forcing Democrats to seriously consider coming to the table, and causing infighting within the Democrat party that is not used to having to “give in”. What a Christmas gift to the GOP members!
We also passed multiple appropriation bills that consist of massive cuts in the federal budget with hopes to cut parts of government agencies.
As a party, we are also finding our voice to push back against the “wokeness” of society that continues to confuse and corrupt our culture and younger generations.
So in light of the optimism I see going into a year of chaos, here are the Voice of Reason’s political New Year’s resolutions to focus on, making this coming year the best one yet:
1) To ensure the federal budget ceases to see any funding increases over the next year.
2) To ensure the federal government has a balanced budget with 12 appropriation bills that include current spending cuts and agency consolidations.
3) To ensure a secure border, ending the massive flow of illegal migrants coming to cities all over the country.
4) To re-focus conservative and Republican priorities to follow Constitutional law, defaulting more issues and programs to state levels under the 10th Amendment and the concept of federalism.
5) To ignore the push for wokeness and confusing of self identification and identity politics that has divided the nation. We must call out hate and division, but focus on your own individual life and lead the community by example.
6) To end any push of ESG or government social credit score to control the masses through the identity politics agenda.
7) To end the absurd push for EVs and total electric overhaul in the nation.
8) To unite the GOP under one flag of conservatism and bring back the platform of limited government, individual sovereignty, and state’s rights as a party basis for all 2024 GOP candidates.
Let’s make 2024 the best year yet!